March 2012 marks my fourth year of blogging! Who knew I had so much staying power? Looking back over those early efforts, there is an obvious learning curve as I coped with the differences between WordPress on my computer at home and the Word Perfect on my computer at work. Looking back I am still happy with the photo Johnny took, all on his own, of my church for the frontispiece. I have no desire for any bright, cute creation by any blog design expert. I like the homespun quality of what we’ve done.

It surprises me that I still have so much to write about. Life, it seems, keeps happening! Just yesterday, for example, in that one day I went to 7:30 Mass, had lunch with my siblings at a diner in Newtown, and visited with my daughter, my grandson and his wife, and their two kids (who would, of course, be my greatgrandkids).   (That 6 month old Sierra is one bouncing baby girl!) And then, to top the day off, Mass again in the evening and a prayer gathering with some inmates at the Federal Correctional Institution. No wonder I had such a good night’s sleep!

And just minutes ago I read this:

A legitimate and duly constituted law enforcement investigation, that obtained sworn affidavits and testimony from graphics experts, law enforcement experts and private citizens, has uncovered compelling evidence that the “birth certificate” released by Team Obama is a computer-generated forgery and that the man who is presently occupying the Oval Office is potentially occupying that office as a result of FRAUD and FORGERY.

AND NOW… it would appear that we can add RACKETEERING and CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY to the list of charges that must be investigated. If the American people could legitimately ask what a sitting President knew about a third-rate burglary attempt and when he knew about it, then the American people DESERVE to know what Barack Hussein Obama knows about attempts to threaten members of the media over his computer-generated “birth certificate.”

Enough is enough. If people are indeed being threatened with frivolous government “investigations” … if livelihoods are being placed in jeopardy… if people are leaving their positions out of concern for the safety of their loved ones, then Congress can no longer ignore this issue. Our elected officials can no longer stick their heads in the sand. Congress MUST finally investigate this constitutional crisis.

That’s frightening stuff.

What has the past year wrought?  A couple of facial surgeries for skin cancer which I seem to have weathered quite well.  On my last trip to my internist I complained about more slowness in walking.  All he had to say was,  “Better to have a head than legs.”

Lately I have been pleased with my quite long post on Media Blackout in Georgia which I thought necessary to write about because there was, in fact, a media blackout of the Obama citizenship trial. See what you think; look, too, at the comments, which add additional information. I also liked my post on Jesus Loves Whitney Houston, a brief overview of her career, beginning with her perfect rendition of the National Anthem, and topped off with a Taiwanese man singing I Will Always Love You and, amazingly, doing it as well as Whitney.

Today is supposed to be sunny, up to about 68 degrees.   The crocuses are up and blooming, daffodils budding, and the lawn starting to green up.   I have sunflower seeds which are thinking about sprouting and potatoes which are actually sprouting, which will go into the ground pretty soon.  God’s in his heaven and the hillside’s dew-pearled!

Looking forward, there is a trip to Puerto Rico scheduled for late April, a greatgrandbaby due in August, and an important election coming up in November.   I’m not about to fold up my tent and jump ship any time soon if I can help it!