I always thought Pope John Paul II was a holy man. This book and this DVD radiate holiness. The book, first written and published in Polish by Pawel Zuchniewicz, is Miracles of John Paul II: Santo Subito. It is a lovely, lovely book. Short, almost 200 pages, it is an account of miracles attributed to John Paul, most of them during his lifetime. The cover photo is touching. It is a pleasing book to hold in your hand.   It has a hard cover, and I like the heft of it.

This book also takes us behind the scenes of the May 13, 1981 assassination attempt on the Pope in St. Peter’s Square, shedding new light on this event by presenting it in the context of the Third Secret of Fatima. World Youth Days are also examined, revealing the incredible spiritual impact the Pope had on the young people as testified by many of the youth at WYD events all over the globe

Neither the book, nor the DVD below, are “inside” revelations of  John Paul.  Rather, they tell of the experiences of others with him, what others saw, what the camera saw.   It almost seems we do not need to hear from John Paul II directly.   These are enough to say “Holy.”

CREDO, a DVD showing  glimpses of John Paul II,  with hymns  and arias by Andrea Bocelli.

As one reviewer wrote:

Who else to sing to my heart as tears flow down my face, realizing the loss we have experienced without our friend’s Polish smile, and quiet, intense piety, which have evolved from a life of suffering and loss. This artform helps to reflect the supernatural clarity and strength of the human condition, which we seem to lose sight of belonging to; It seems that “it (the world) is all about us”, after all.

The cover of the book states that it is available exclusively in the United States at Ignatius Press. However, it,  and the the DVD Credo can also be found on Amazon.