I guess my mother must have seen this ad long ago – I’m thinking  the 1940’s – because she bought some Ovaltine back then as a pick-me-up. I liked it then though we kids were not supposed to drink it — it was for Mom’s health.  (Mom and Dad had five kids and weren’t into frivolous purchases.)   I’ve liked Ovaltine  ever since – the flavor, the handiness of it when you need a quick snack or a soothing hot drink.

The Ovaltine that is currently on the grocery shelves some 80 years later boasts a new recipe with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors,  and 16 vitamins and minerals. I’m sure that over the years the recipe has changed many times, in keeping with the thinking of the day. Probably a multivitamin and a glass of milk would make more nutritional and economic sense, but I cling to the old comfort food that is Ovaltine.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a tribute to a product before.   Who doesn’t want to wake up GAY and radiantly “alive”  in the morning?  I just wish they still had the classic chocolate favored Ovaltine WITH malt at my grocery store.