Do you remember, as I do, when it was very rare for a girl in highschool to get pregnant? The current big to-do about the HHS mandate is claimed by the left to be about contraception and by the right about religious freedom. It is true that the mandate requiring Catholic institutions to provide contraception and abortifacients make a mockeruy of religious freedom but I would like to address, for the moment, the devastation wrought by contraception.

Rather than preventing pregnancy, contraceptives give permission to teenagers to play around with sex, thinking they will not get pregnant, thinking they do not need a committed relationship first. And what happens? Most abortions are the result of failed contraception, not unavailable contraception. Whereas fear of pregnancy used to prevent girls from “going all the way,” they now think they have a right to sex without consequences! Not only do they get pregnant, they acquire one or more sexually transmitted diseases, some causing death, others sterility.

Boyfriends think that they, too, have a right to sex without consequences, without responsibility. Children are not in their plans and we find babies shaken and abused by the mothers’ live-in boyfriends.

Remember when girls waited until they were married to have babies? Then they did not have to fear pregnancy. Then there was a committed father around to support Mom and baby. Then we did not have large numbers of unwed mothers without income, supported by the State, who think their only option is to do the very unnatural thing of killing their own child. It is not normal for a woman to want to destroy the child in her womb. She can grieve a lifetime for her lost baby.

Contraceptives give permission to fornicate with abortion as the back-up plan. Self-control, reason, and responsibility are out the window. Abortions have increased, not decreased, with the availability of contraception. STD rates are soaring and varieties of STDs have increased.

Kids are being taught that sex is a plaything, something fun to do, and if a baby gets in the way, well, just get rid of it. No wonder children are no longer valued. No wonder men think of woman as objects to be used and discarded.

As I see it, birth control pills and patches change healthy, self-respecting women, deserving of real men, into hormonally deranged toys for boys. Not only do contraceptives decrease her resistance to infection and other diseases, but they decrease her libido and mess up her psyche.

Buy stock in pharmaceutical companies. You have to know big PHARMA is behind the HHS mandate. There’s big money in degrading women.