A few days into iPad ownership, I began to feel confident enough to explore the unfamiliar icons it kept displaying, like Safari.   Safari looked like it might be a browser and it invited me to “write an address here.” How to write anything at all was a problem, with no keyboard, but I soon learned that if I touched the writing area, up popped a keyboard! Nice! I typed in “amazon.com” and pushed the lowest and farthest right key available, thinking it might be an “enter” key. Don’t remember what came up, but it sure wasn’t Amazon. What to do?

Just about this time my computer refused to go online and I was forced to try online procedures on my iPad. Much to my amazement I could access my blog and was quite pleased to see how nice it looked and how easily I could scroll through it. The little Word Press icons were all there and usable.  Typing on the clicky pad is rather slow and it seems to have an built-in  spell check that insisted that I wanted  to type “colicky,” not “clicky.”  As I become more familiar with it, I see that it anticipates my words and is sometimes quite right and I don’t have to finish typing that word.

Oh, there is so much to explore.  Since grandson Joel decided to travel in France, I have been looking up the places on the map.   Lo, and behold, I can get satellite photos and some of the sites have a little flap in the lower right corner and I can turn the page to see, and travel along, a street right in that city.  I like very much that the iPad is so portable and can sit in my lap.  I used it once at the doctor’s office where they had WiFi and I look forward to taking it other places.   I understand that with the growing popularity of tablets and pads people are demanding WiFi 30,000 feet up when they fly!  Now that I know how easy it is to go online (as long as there is WiFi) it is very handy for research.  It took me about ten minutes a few days ago to find out all I wanted to know about the “pink slime” controversey.   Believe it or not, there are two sides, as there are to most things.

I’ve also taken to using the calendar to keep track of birthdays, appointments, and such.  Of course, just like my computer, it knows what day it is before I do and displays the date in large enough figures so I can read it without glasses.

What makes me happiest of all is the FaceTime feature.  Just a few minutes ago Katy called me from Indiana and I got a little experience with how to use FaceTime and how to make the sound louder and keep my face in the picture and how not to cover up the buttons that make it work.  I took the iPad next door to visit daughter, Terry, and we had a very nice talk fest, discussing the upcoming wedding of granddaughter, Amy, this coming December, discussing (and showing) the dresses they planned to wear for the event and havng really enjoyable “girl talk.”   As any mother knows, it is always wonderful to see one’s children and even more wonderful to see them enjoy each other!  It was like a real “in person” visit!

I know I have not even begun to experience all my iPad can do (and probably never will) but, so far, I love my iPad.   And, thank you,  Katy.