It seems something has come over me; something has happened to my urge to go online and tell the world all about my thoughts and trials and triumphs.  To quote Shakespeare, “how weary, stale,  flat, and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world.”  I wouldn’t call it a depression.  I’m still perky and singing around the house and playing Scrabble and appreciative of all my blessings.  Lately, though, I’ve been staying up much too late at night to watch the conventions and posting about them on Facebook.  But the spinning is so crystal clear and disgusting and the prognosis not at all clear and it all seems like such a waste of effort and time and MONEY!

Just this very day my last Letter to the Editor appeared in our newspaper.   It was in response to a longish article which I won’t reprint but here is my reply:


Says ‘deliberate killings’ differ from natural deaths

 Published 4:53 p.m., Tuesday, September 11, 2012

“Natural abortions far outnumber induced ones” says James Mellett on Aug. 31 (“Where I Stand” in The News Times), the last words of his article reading “God is the greatest abortionist of all.”

Using Mellett’s logic, since natural deaths far outnumber murders, God is the greatest murderer of all.

What happens naturally, happens naturally.

Mr. Mellet does not seem to realize that both abortion and murder are deliberate killings of living human beings by other human beings. And, if he believes in God at all, he knows that God is against both.

Let God decide who lives and how long.

Again, following Mr. Mellett’s phraseology, I suppose he would call those who are against murders, “anti-murder loonies.”

I suggest classes in both logic and metaphysics before dabbling in either.

As for pregnancy being “a 9-month parasitic infestation of a woman’s body by an alien genetic being,” what can I say? I was blessed with regular human children, and if he infested his wife with aliens, I’m truly sorry.

Dorothy Vining


So far there has been no response of any kind from anyone. I’m sure it will come in due course.

Among other things going on, the ivy that had taken fifty years to cover the whole front porch has been torn down, leaving an ugly mess that my son thinks he has to beautify by practically replacing the whole porch.  It’s a work in progress and there is a chance it will be done before winter, but he’s such a perfectionist that it has to be all level and plumb and may be a “forever” job.

Then there’s my new iPad, which I am still adjusting to.  (To which I am still adjusting – sorry.)  Have to keep tabs on a grandson visiting France and a new greatgrandbaby in Florida and discuss with sundry other progeny why Obama is not THE ONE.   Love my iPad but now I have the same email on both my computer and the iPad and  download hundreds of new emails each time.  Have to figure out how to deal with this onslaught!

Worrying about my first-ever figs.   Never had any before and they’re cute as all get-out, but here it is mid-September and will they ever have a chance to ripen so I can pick them?

Went to a wedding in a vineyard a week ago where the hors d’ouvres included fresh figs!  Lovely wedding, lovely weather.   Also saw Obama’s America:  2016 which has been playing at our local theater for the past three weeks.   It has done remarkably well in the box office and is well worth seeing.

And forward though I canna see, I guess and fear.  — Burns.

As I enter my 90th year I am acutely aware of the waning of abilities, in my friends as well as in myself.  So I appreciate every little thing that I am still able to do –  that I can still walk and drive and am lucid and continent.  Over and over I tell myself that the one time I thought I heard God speak, he said “My people, I love you, do not be afraid.”  How often does the Bible say “Do not be afraid,”  “Do not be concerned.”  Did not Jesus visit Saint Faustina with the message of his mercy, to have his picture painted with the words, “Jesus, I trust in you?”

What was Padre Pio’s message?  “Pray.  Hope.  Don’t worry.”

Just thought I’d post a note should there be people out there in cyberia who wonder what ever has happened to me.   I am well, chugging along, showing signs of continuing, working on trusting, and thanking God for his inexhaustible love and mercy.