When you are used to typing on a computer keyboard, writing a blogpost on an iPad is not easy… But necessity dictates!  I seem to have been attacked by my first-ever virus!  All of a sudden my screen went black and all of my icons (except recycle bin and McAfee  Internet Security icons) just disappeared.  And a whole slew of  really nasty threatening things titled File Recovery told me everything was critical and I must do such and such to get my files back.  Every minute the invader would spit out another  nasty notice:  Data error reading drive C:,  the device cannot find enough free resources  that it can use, critical error- hard drive controller failure, serious disc error writing,  drive C error –sector  not found,  device initialization failed critical error – drive sector not found – error.  Plus, a whole series of overlapping notices informing me that “A write command during the test has failed to complete.  This may be due to a media or read/write error. The system generates an exception error when using a reference  to an invalid custom  address.”  And there you have it?

I did a McAfee’s scan which took several hours, scanning over  200000 items.  In the end McAfee told me  “Full  scan complete.   All issues have been resolved.   McAfee has eliminated all threats on your PC. ”  Viruses, Trojans  and Cookies quarantined.   Artemis!507EEBE93FA2 found and fixed.   Scan summary:   Total 252889 Files 235837 Cookies 119 Processes 138 Registry items 9230 Boot records 4.   The virus was still sitting there in full view and McAfee was telling me it had scanned my computer and had fixed everything?

A friend who does Information Technology for a living advised getting McAfee’s Stinger but first I should go to  Start, find my programs, and put them on a thumb drive!  When I told my son, Dan, my troubles, he googled “File recovery virus”  and got instructions for removing it.  Halfway through the process it wanted $59 to continue.  We paid the money. Dan worked on my computer for hours.  Finally I came home and found my desktop looking normal  except for a different screensaver. Oh, happy day?  I clicked an icon. NOTHING!

According to Dan, he had worked in safe mode until everything was fine.  It turns out that when he rebooted all the icons came back but they didn’t work!  He told me I should work in safe mode for awhile.  Or maybe get rid of my dinosaur and get myself a new computer.  As Dan explained it,  the virus had added an H (for Hide) to all my programs, and then told my computer to hide all the programs with an H.  It seems they were there all the time and all he had to do was un-Hide them.

That’s where we are now.  Thank  God Katy gave me this iPad for my birthday.    But let me tell you, blogging on an iPad touch keyboard is for the birds.    At this moment I am working on my computer in SAFE MODE, fixing the errors I made on the iPad.  Neither method of blogging is at all satisfactory.  Isn’t it wonderful that the iPad will send my work to the Cloud and then I can access it on my computer?  Oh, marvelous technological world!

And, so, I am going to publish this post so everyone will understand why I am in limbo.  Provided I can do that in SAFE MODE.  Maybe I will get rid of my dinosaur (a Compaq PC I’ve had for about ten years) and go modern with a flat screen and all.  All this techy stuff is quite beyond my pay grade.  Please pray for me and mine.