It was in mid-August that I posted the joyful newsthat the little fig sprig that I had nurtured for five years had finally become a tree and brought forth figs!  In no time at all the little tree became taller than me and I could look forward to my first fig harvest.   I actually harvested ONE fig, about two weeks ago.  The little fellow turned brown and got soft and nearly fell off the tree when I touched it.  It was delicious, a promise of figs to come.  As October  approached and nights grew cooler, I began to wonder if the rest of the figs would have time to ripen before frost.  I have no idea why that one fig was so far ahead of the rest of them but I am thankful for what may be my one taste of figs this year.  A couple of nights ago we had a sudden cold snap and I awoke to learn that it was only 27 degrees outdoors!  And the next day my pretty little fig tree looked like this:

After the frost

One week later

For anyone who saw this post a few days ago and saw the itty-bitty fig foto that was then published, know that it is two days later and I’m beginning to get the hang of this new computer with the touchy-feely screen. This photo is what I had hoped to show you and now actually have. Let us rejoice in small accomplishments!


This was taken with my iPad and  somehow posted to my computer with that same iPad.  How sad are my figs!  One looks like it might ripen, given ideal weather, but I think the rest are goners.  An iPad is a very talented thing.  Some day,  when I know it better, I expect we’ll get along better!