I really have to write about this because it has happened to me, an 85-year-old, mild-mannered, but opinionated blogger, and you all (all two or three of you) are supposed to share in my joys and trials.

Yesterday was a Sunday like any other Sunday except that my local paper was kind enough (or brave enough) to run a shortened version of my previous post on same-sex marriage which I had submitted as a Community Forum offering. As you might recall, I am not in favor of same-sex marriage. In fact the newspaper titled my article “Same-sex marriage should not be permitted.”

I thought I’d look at it online at the News-Times website. Lo, and behold, at the end of the piece there is a line saying “Post your comments,” and an inviting square to fill with one’s thoughts. Many people had things to say. When I first looked at the site there were 139 comments, just about all of them negative. As I look at the site today the number is up to 188. The last comment from “Horrified,” in the neighboring town of Ridgefield says:

The world has no place for hateful, bigots like you.
What if I were to espouse the same hateful remarks about Italians, Jews or Blacks. It would not be tolerated. You need to take a look at your own issues instead of spreading ignorance. The world is the horrible state it is because of people like you.

The previous post was from someone named Jesus Christ, of AOL, in response to another comment from “Devout”, which read:

You are assuming two things… First that I truly existed as the Bible suggests. Second, That my Father and I really care about this place anymore.

Each time I go back to the site there are new posts. We are now up to 191. Still complaining about something in yesterday’s newspaper! There are posts from all over the United States, and one each from Germany, Spain, and Canada. Obviously, my article was picked up by some “gay is good” site and responses invited. The vast majority of them call me homophobic, bigoted, ignorant, hateful and intolerant.

I was particularly impressed by the politeness of the post from a local resident saying:

Dorothy Vining, go to hell. Thank you.

We are now up to 224 posts. A recent one from Sue in Pittsburgh reads:

I wish a tornado would touch down in Danbury and blow Dorothy away to Oz. And her equally close-minded, repressed, and perpetually unhappy little dog, too.

Someone else opines that Jesus was gay and is rather vulgar about it.

Post 232: Dum from Danbury posted my name, address, and phone number. With neighbors like this, who needs enemies?

Post 238:

You probably shouldn’t have put your first and last name on this article because you should be ashamed for publicizing you clearly discriminatory opinion. It is people like you that shouldnt be allowed to procreate, not the gays, lesbians, etc.

At this point I decided enough is enough. It reminds me of Michelle Malkin’s book, Unhinged, which is essentially a compilation of vile things folks on the left have written or said about her. You read a few pages and decide enough is enough. They are unhinged. They are not coming from a good place.

I took St. Francis and his little animals off the front lawn. These people are definitely not coming from a good place.

There’s a cute cartoon strip in the National Catholic Register. Umbert, the Unborn, is talking to a little red devil.
“How do you do it,” he says. “How do you get people to do such evil things?”
Devil answers: “It’s easy. First you convince the most gullible ones that evil is good….” “Then you simply persuade every one else to look the other way.”
Umbert says: “You’re despicable.”
Devil: “I know.”

Maybe I should join the silent majority and look the other way. When this vocal minority gets on your case, watch out! This is getting uncomfortable.

TUESDAY MORNING: I confess. After I said I’d had enough, I went back to the newspaper site to see if there were new posts. The last one, #253, is one I will cling to. Dr. Bill, of Lawndale CA says:

Wow. Only the truth could illicit such vehement responses. Obviously, everyone called his husband and her wife to comment on this courageous writing! Normal people have every right to express their opinion, but it is painfully obvious that homosexuals are not normal. Not one person has ever been born gay, they LEARN it.

But what does a doctor know who can’t spell “elicit”?


For information on the medical consequences of homosexual actions, click here.

For help in leaving the homosexual lifestyle, visit Courage.

John 15:8 No slave is greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you.