Today, December 8, 2012, is your wedding day and I am writing to wish you well on your journey and to introduce myself. Welcome into the family, Ryne.  On the whole we are a pretty decent bunch. I am hoping that we might meet sometime but, in the meantime, we can meet online and on Facebook. I see from FB that you are a handsome, sports-loving young man. Looked for a photo of Amy but knew I had the right Ryne Tennant (how many can there be?) when I came across Melissa and Brian.

Next July I will be 90 years old and this grammy comes with some baggage so this might turn out to be an rather unusual letter. Everyone has a background and I am part of Amy’s. Do you ever stop to think that the person who is Amy once actually lived inside the person we call Katy? And the person we call Katy once lived inside of me? Is it not a marvelous thing that we human beings can actually, if we are so blessed, make new human beings?

Of course, we don’t have a clue as to how that really happens. There is a Designer somewhere who wrote the program and we just play our part. Let me introduce you to some of his work. Creacion_o_Coincidencia_natural1   I hope that link will work for you. I think it’s fantastic.

You are being married today,  on December 8, which is the feast day of the Immaculate Conception. Just in case you are clueless as to what that means, it has nothing to do with the Virgin Birth but it does have something to do with Mary, the mother of Jesus. You see, God has revealed that he is a trinity, three persons in one God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And Mary is daughter of the Father, mother of the Son (that would be Jesus), and spouse of the Holy Spirit. Since it was in God’s plan that Mary (if she was willing) would be the mother of Jesus, she was made sinless (immaculate) from the beginning. (I know, too much theology — so let’s drop that for now.)

My first grandmotherly advice is to keep a journal. Time goes by so fast and we forget so soon. As you grow older you will be fascinated by your notes from the past. I’ve only been blogging for four years and when I look back at those old posts I barely remember writing them and am amazed that I once knew all that stuff. And keep your notes real and true. What did you really think? How did you really feel? It is hard to know ourselves and even  harder to know each other. Aren’t you lucky? Because of my blog, you can get to know me! Somewhat.   If you want to, of course.

When Uncle Johnny asked me if I wanted him to set up a blog for me, I couldn’t imagine why. But on further thought, I decided I did have some things to say and maybe, someday, my offspring would find them interesting. That’s how it all came about. A regular treasure trove of grammy thoughts!

My second bit of advice is “be kind to each other.” The Golden Rule is in every religion and it’s still Golden. If you don’t like people shouting at you, don’t shout at them.   Stop. Think. Even pray. There has to be a better way to treat your beloved.  How do you like to be treated?

My last bit of advice is to have children. You will never make anything more wonderful, and certainly nothing else that will last for all eternity. You might think you can have children later on, or whenever you want. But that’s not true. My advice is to let God be God and accept children as a blessing when they come (IF they come). Don’t expect to be able to order children whenever you please,  like you order books on Amazon.

Finally, have a merry Christmas. I enjoyed this song this year.

Love to you both. I am looking forward to seeing photos of the event. I’m sure it will be beautiful and I would love to have been there, but I sent my delegates!