Here I am, half-way to ninety, and I have been confronted by the evidence that in some areas my ignorance is still abysmal!  It all began when sniffling and sneezing started a couple of days ago, properly treated with Cold-Eeze and vitamin C.  I hoped I had nipped it in the bud until yesterday when the coughing set it — a dry cough, persistent and uncontrollable.  I coughed until my ribs hurt and I wet my pants ( several times.)  In the middle of the night I did a wash because I had wet two pajama bottoms and I needed clean ones. Fortunately I had some cough medicine left over from my last cold  nine months ago.  After taking some I managed to sleep awhile but woke up still coughing and wetting.

Time for an SOS email to daughter, Terry, caregiver par excellence, who knows about such things.  It seemed I should buy some sort of pad so I wouldn’t have to keep changing and washing underclothes but it had been some seventy years since I had done such a thing.  What would she recommend?  Would I need, once more, one of those sanitary belts of yesteryear?  What is out there in the feminine hygiene section?

So today is Christmas-eve day and I have given myself the gift of just staying home and taking care of me.  I am loving Fox News.  The Fox News go-to priest just told a beautiful story that just happened yesterday when he visited a dying, cantankerous patient who was remarkably touched by his praying presence.  They are not afraid to wish me Merry Christmas.   I’m watching Fox, still in bed, when Terry appears with 1) cough medicine, 2) Depends, and 3) diapers. Who knew?  They have pull-up diapers for grown people!  I should have guessed it as I knew the kiddies had them.

I read the package info on the Depends:  worry-free odor control, soft, breathable, slip on and off,  do NOT flush.  I put one of them on, just for kicks, out of sheer joy that such a thing is out there for us!  I have not wet it yet and don’t really expect to as my cough is looser and more controllable today.  Who would expect that discovering the very existence of Depends would be considered a Christmas gift?

Several years ago when I talked about the joys and trials of aging, and I wrote about my vertigo, and skin cancer surgery, and all, I wondered if I would let you know when I employed Depends.   Well, I guess I have and I think it is something to be thankful for.  So thank you, Kimberly-Clark, and thank you, Terry.