Sometimes it seems to me that “back in the day” people were kinder, gentler, more trustworthy, and even funnier. I’ve written at some length in the past about a prophecy concerning Ronald Reagan’s presidency and also about Reagan’s faith. As a president he was unabashedly Christian and also known as a man who enjoyed a good laugh.

In order to flesh out our memories of him and his lovely wife, Nancy (still alive at 92) I am happy to share the following video of the handsome couple in their younger days enjoying some good, clean, actually funny entertainment. I am a little surprised to learn that Nancy is only two years older than me–she’s been looking so OLD lately!

Don’t pass up this video. It’s really a riot!

Michael Davis was a comedian, juggler, musician back in the 1980’s. He appeared on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, HBO’s Best Young Comedian, Comic Relief, Night of 100 Stars.

He starred in 3 Broadway shows, including “Sugar Babies” along side Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller. Michael Davis has been a special favorite of Presidents, having been invited to the White House several times by Presidents Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, and President Bill Clinton

Just thought you’d like to know. Here is the beginning of the performance above. That’s talent!

Wonder what he’s doing now.