In 1991 a gathering called the Summer of Mercy was held in Wichita Kansas, where George Tiller ran an abortion mill which specialized in late term abortions. At that time tens of thousands of committed Christians came  there to cry out for an end to abortion.   I and many of my friends were among them. Tiller had a lovely facility which sported an incinerator where he could dispose of the aborted babies on site.

In 1991 70 local pastors in the Wichita area covenanted to “continue to speak out with urgency until the killing of innocent children is outlawed and Wichita becomes an abortion-free city.” A parade for life was held and it was heartwarming to see the pro-life sentiment in the mid-West, especially as compared with the cold hearts in the northeast United States.

There were, then, three abortuaries in Wichita.   Now but one is left, the infamous Women’s Health Care Services run by Mr. Tiller, where women from far and near come to have late term babies “delivered” still-born. (The babies get an injection while in the womb to be sure they are dead on arrival.) Tiller is facing 19 criminal charges for violating Kansas law on late-term abortion.   Tiller has performed over 80,000 abortions and has boasted that he has done more late-term abortions than anyone in the western hemisphere.

Finally, this coming week, Tiller goes to trial. The jury pool has been selected. As Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition writes: “The conviction of George Tiller will energize the prolife movement in a way that we have not seen in 20 years. It will also demonstrate that regardless of the political landscape, God’s power is great and not limited to who resides in the White House.”

Raise your hand to stand with the babies for life. Raise your voice to God for an end to this carnage.

Also this week:

March 18th, 2009: Topeka, KS – Yesterday, the Kansas State Senate passed a bill that would require that women seeking abortions be allowed to see an ultrasound image of their baby at least 30 minutes before the abortion. This bill puts the radical abortion views of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who was recently nominated as Secretary of Health and Human Services, again in the spotlight.


Am I my brother’s keeper?  And the Lord said, ” What have you done?  The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground.”  —  Genesis 4:9