What a site!  Just the facts, ma’am .   The Endowment for Human Development (ehd.org) is “a nonprofit organization working to improve health science education and public health.”   They have no agenda.  No bioethical stance.  Just everything you could want to know about babies and pregnancy, from start to finish, inside and out. 

At six weeks the baby is making blood and you can see the new little red heart beating away.

At eight months we see the baby exercising his/her tongue. Can’t tell the sex from this one!

In the olden days we never knew ahead of time whether we would have a boy or a girl, whether our baby would have all its parts, or whether it might have some defect that it would be good to know about before birth. One of the wonderful things about this site is that it offers a “window to the womb” that should cut down the temptation to keep “peeking” at your own baby through the technology of ultrasound.

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn has some advice to consider before before YOUR baby is subjected to unnecessary sonic energy.

Remember: Ultrasound cleans rust off pipes, kills sperm, heats muscles, and changes the migratory pattern of whales! (Carla Hartley)