(Frank Hodson is my father.  I recently found these pages and read them for the first time as I typed them.)

In 1891, in Preston, England, my birthplace, where the people were predominantly Catholic, as our parents were, we, a family of five girls and two boys were much upset when our father turned away from his faith to become a spiritualist. It was not easy for the children to adjust to the new thought as we were confirmed in the old faith. Years later, I asked my father why he made such a drastic change in our lives and he gave me the following information.

At the time of the change, he said, a spiritualist medium came to town who declared she could contact departed spirits. My father had a friend who was a practicing magician. They decided to go to the meeting and expose the trickery. The medium went to different people in the audience and described the spirits around them. Dad and his friend waited until the meeting was over, then went to the medium and told her she ought to be ashamed of herself to tell such obvious lies.

She replied that she really could see these departed people, and after a long and heated session she said: “I see, Mr. Hodson, that I can never convince you and your friend by talking, but will you and your friend give me a chance to prove my gift tonight? Both of you go home and be alone at half-past ten, and sincerely pray that you will be able to see a spirit?”

They agreed. My father did his part faithfully and did see the spirit form of a young lady. He was greatly surprised and thought it was some black magic. He said to himself, “If I can go to the window, open it, look out to see if I am my normal self, if she is still here when I turn around, I will always believe.”

He said he went to the window, opened it, and all outside was as usual, then turned around to find the spirit still there but fading away. Then and there he decided to open a church and preach the doctrine of spirit return. Later he opened his own church and for seven years he invited mediums from other towns to come to his church and speak. My father attributed his luck in seeing his first spirit to the fact that the medium had promised to pray at the same time that he would be successful, because he was so sure that it could not be done.

As growing children we witnessed many seances in our home, where the mediums would come for supper after the service in the church. At times they would hold hands and sing hymns until someone would be controlled by someone dead and speak in a strange voice. It was a common thing in the evening for mother to ask Dad to let the white man speak through him, because now he had found out how to let the dead speak through him. He also had an Indian guide who could speak through him, but mother did not understand his poor English. Then Dad would sit for a time quietly, shake himself, and get up and speak in better words than my normal father ever used. Later he would return to his normal self.

Sometimes he had what they called physical mediums come to the church, and the large table had many ups and downs.  I remember when my father told me and my brother to get on the table to hold it down, but the table did rise a little.

Years later, coming home from the First World War, Second Division of the American Army, to Bridgeport, Connecticut, I married a good Catholic girl but I never forgot the spiritualist past.  I found myself, when I had five children, a little envious of the gifts my dad seemed to have attained.  Here I was in Bridgeport, with a family and no spirits to attend me.


I decided to pray and ask God to let me leave my body to prove to myself that there was a part of God within.  So I prayed, did some deep breathing to give me more courage, then said, “Now, God,  please give me proof.”  I found myself in a spirit form standing before a lovely endless heaven of azure light.  I found I was desirous of entering this astral world, but looking down my new spirit form of light, I found a round transparent chain of gleaming vibrating particles of light from my body center that emitted a glow of spiritual fire as they opened partly and then partly closed again.

The cold atoms of fire stretched from my new spirit center to the center of my body that I could still see.  Then I had the thought that if I wanted to enter the celestial home I would have to desire to break the chain of life.  Thinking about my wife and children needing my help I found the desire to enter this heaven of light lessen.  Desiring to go back to my earth body I found myself together again in my bedroom and quite shaken up mentally for some time later.

I seemed to have gone beyond the limits of self-seeking to find God in man, and I thought, “Never again!”   Later I began to read the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and was so much impressed by his thought that I wrote the book, Emerson’s Way of Life, and had it published.   I did not mention my astral journey in this book because it seemed too unusual to be believed.  At that time I had not read of any similar occurrence.  I wrote to Readers’ Digest and to the Science of Mind magazines, hoping that they had some record of a similar case, but got no reply then.  Years later, the Science of Mind published a case involving Robert Monroe of Charlottesville VA who had convinced some great scientists of his many similar experiences.  I wrote to Mr. Willis Kenneer, Editor of that publication, protesting his lack of mention of my report many years before.  He answered that Mr. Monroe’s case was believed by many scientists and could, therefore, be published.  I said he was sorry but hoped I would understand his position.

This astral journey made an indelible impression on my mind and since that time I have been able to return my memory to those events.  The atoms or cells vibrating with spiritual fire that I saw in the chain of life reminded me we all have these atoms of life within and we can make them more conscious to our mind by attention.  All searching for truth must be done slowly and prayerfully.  Treat the mind as a sacred area.  Let the attention flow to all parts of mind and body.  I found I was intensely alive with no harmful after-effects.

Thru all history the human mind has striven for higher and better thought.  It is in loving that we are enlarged; we are lessened by hate and fear.  Every virtue, every gift we have can be amplified by right attention.  Each morning we can take a deep breath and desire that every Divine Atom within be enlarged in power.  It is in the blessing of them and their Creator that they attain full power in our lives.

In a universe composed of Divine Atoms of thought, and mankind given the highest, we can be as large as we can think and maintain the thought.  Let us bless forever these Spiritual Atoms of Divine Power that “will unite mankind in one faith.”  We are cared for and loved from birth here to re-birth and fulfillment there.  The Almighty tide of living, loving, and learning flows thru all the ages, thru all Thy children, home to Thee – Thou Great First Cause.

When we have seen our spirit, apart from body, yet connected by light and particles of Divine Fire, we realize we are filled with these spiritual atoms of life, and live to their development.  Every new truth is a power.  Every idea from the moment of birth gathers material forces and makes itself known, first in thoughts, then in things – makes new men and so the new age and its materials.  As certainly as water falls in rain and runs down, so surely does thought fall first in the best minds and runs down from class to class until it reaches the people and works a revolution.

We can never separate our conscience from God.  We live to educate finer feelings.  There is love between nature and the body, between body and soul, between soul and God.  When we increase our power for good we are near to God.

Most people suspect they have powers not yet reached, and life urges them onward.  Write the good thought you do receive and be repaid with a better thought.  God and nature say – give the world  your best and the best will come to you.

Mental progress is always linked to goodness.  God sends his best thoughts – “with love.”  Return his love with the right thought.  The road to ruin is  short and easy.  Save your strength and ask for more mental power.  Food makes strength and animal spirits.  When contained it becomes better imagination and thought.  At still higher levels, it becomes courage and endurance; man raised to his highest level.

Wisdom is to spend your life energy on the highest plane, then invest and reinvest.  Honor thought and gain spiritual achievement.  Be in the attitude of seeking to receive.  Seek truth and it comes to you, all in the service of our Creator,building His glorious Empire on truth and love – now and forever.  Such sentiments as these have been aptly expressed by Emerson.

Your God-given faculties silently and powerfully invite you to endless exertions to improve in the direction of your talent.  The universe is created and activated for the one purpose of the improvement of mankind in mind and morals.  In doing your own specialty you are enlarged and one with the Creator.

Your public speaking should have a degree of abandonment in truth to get the best from yourself.  Let the truth shine thru you to elevate all.  We become that which our best thoughts used and expressed can make us.  We are human magnets and draw more to the kind of thought used.  Many good men are lost in not having a firm purpose and daring to make it known.  A man must find a way to communicate with others – “use himself,” or never find his full powers.

Convert every action into character  and worthy aims, for every act admits the possibility of being done better.  To find habitually a new idea, a new estimate, leads  to elevation.  The narrow mind remains small.  “Only what a man does” really belongs to him.

Why hope or fear?  In the God within lives your might.  Bring out the God.  Your estimate of what is right decides for you the way you go.  What your heart and soul thinks to be great – is great.  The mood in which a speaker can stimulate you is his dominion over you.  To the thought that has brought him to his state of mind, he has earned the right.

We are always reasoning from the seen to the unseen, filling the demands of nature, but no one can learn until he is prepared to learn. Our Creator screens us from ideas we are “not ready” to receive.  Not in the world but in the person is all the beauty and power of life to be seen.  The world would be empty of beauty if mankind were all blind.  The eternal laws of mind adjust the relations of all persons by the Divine measure of what they have and are.  Nothing is more deeply punished than the neglect of the Divine tied by which we should be improved.


The Divine  atoms of our mind and body can become more powerful in our lives as we turn to them “in worship.”  We feel nearer to the source of all energy and we live for the spiritual advancement of ourselves and others.

We again imagine the atoms of life as we first saw them in the chain of life from spirit to body, and we realize that these spiritual fires were expelled by some superior force. We see our dark atoms with flaming edges, with a center of light, and wait for the result to find a higher elevation of mind.  There is a mist of ignorance surrounding our field of knowledge, and we are conscious that always more knowledge will come to active minds, then spread to all people.  Words from the Spiritualist Church come to my mind:

If we err in human kindness and forget that we are dust
If we miss the laws of kindness when we struggle to be just
Snowy wings of peace shall cover all the trials of today
We shall know each other better when the mist has rolled away.

All history is sacred with the Creator of all, ever producing more people, able to elevate others.  “How Great Thou Art.”

The character-building powers of truths expressed must be in the Almighty Force behind them.  The word “character” is often spoken:  it is a force call people feel.  But what is the nature of that great power that attracts us to some people by a spiritual feeling?  What is the quality of these persons – not famous men, not so-called religious men – yet they have a certain power to make people look up to them and seem to give their own special quality to people near?  It is a moral force, without creed, intellectual.  It seems to work directly, yet without means, and though it can be resisted, resistance is a form of suicide, for the person who stands in this lofty relation is the impersonation of conscience, “the man he could be.” He speaks without words and all realize he lives near his Creator.

The recuperative force in every man may be relied on, our Creator allowing for many errors, but as long as he rests content in his present error virtue cannot display its resources.  While he lives in the old sin he must pay the old fine.  Let every man take care of his life with his heart, his intelligence, and his love of life.  Let him be the man he could be and put his soul into every deed.

Some people say, “but all is imperfect.”   All is imperfect because there is nothing they do not pollute, nothing Holy they do not defile, and the character does not gain because the God-nature, the way to true prosperity, “they do not respect.”  To offset a wrong urge, think of gain in character, in perception, in love, in control, in courage.

We must realize our God-nature and see every atom and cell as a universe of infinitude, leading to the full Universe of God.  Every cell, every atom in mind and body contains the Supreme Intelligence of our Creator for use in this, and every, stage of life experience, yet knowing the seeds  of imperfection are part and parcel of the great Perfection of all that is in  His Universe.

Think of the immensity of nature, with all the heavenly bodies doing their celestial duties in space, in time, and in perfect direction to insure the earth below with the weather they control and yielding to all His people the food they need to live and develop into more superior people.

They who realize their Divine nature in every Divine atom see limits to the body, but not to the atoms of spirit that transcend the life of the body.  Our spiritual atoms connect the earth and the heavens to come.  If we are sincere and do all our duties, we can with prayer and spoken words hope to be allowed to see heaven.

Ideals taught to children in youth can be a comfort all thru life, and ideals return to the mind in old age.  We can teach the young people the elemental truths, that we are a mass of atoms that can be used all thru life.  Teach them that these atoms are impressed by behavior and to imagine them as points of Divine Fire to be elevated by life and devout attention.  They can send thoughts of love and appreciation to every part of mind and body and find an elevation of thought.

Children can be told they are composed of wonderful atoms when still young, and to see themselves not as one mass of flesh, bones and blood, but as wiser children of God.  We know that a pinprick in any part of the body is instantly rewarded by the nerves telling the brain just where this minor injury was.  We can tell them to realize that every part of the mind and body is guarded by these sacred centers of life, every atom being complete in itself, but all responding to the God-given mind – His gift to direct us thru life.

People of all ages and nationalities can unite with these Divine atoms with prayer and imagination.  Say, “Dear Lord, we thank Thee for all Thy blessings; make us ever conscious of them and more deserving.”  We are destined to seek knowledge here and in the life hereafter, and our thinking is the way of our destiny.

A loving God behind all creation is not a matter of belief but a matter of fact.  Some people put themselves away from the inspirations that convince the mind by belief in a creed and miss the miracle of new thought that creates real worship, and a real urge to sacrifice for the welfare of all His children.  The life of the “ALL” must stream consciously thru us to make “the men and the moment” great by thought vibrations that attest to His Presence.  Every person has only to keep the mind open to receive his share of this beneficent power.

Knowing is the measure of every man.  What does he know that can enrich the lives of others?  There is in nature a parallel unity, to the unity of the mind, and is available to all who read nature.  To see a moon-landing tells also of an advance in mind of mankind.  There is no man so rich in the eyes of his Creator as the “self-reliant man.”  In every thought and act he reads his fate.  During nightly prayer ask for the intuition you need, then heed what His Good Morning has to say.

Power must come to all who exert power, for connection in nature is not here and there at times, but everywhere and always.  Property owned by real worth is related to the power given to men and is holy.  Why we live is still the unsolved wonder, in its two connections – inward and outward – the mind and nature.  Who we are and what is nature have only one answer – the life that rushes into us.  Every river deepens its own valley – so does the heavenly stress of life in us.


Read nature rightly and find the laws of the mind.  It is curious when we realize how the needs of the mind relate to nature.  In the past the needs of men were answered by discoveries from the surface of the earth.  As we develop, we go deeper into the ground to supply our needs and take first coal, then the deeper oil, to warm the physical body.  Now we are going deeper into the mind to supply the spiritual needs of mankind.

Once the spiritual atoms of fire have been seen in the chain of life between our spirit form and body, from center to center, we become conscious of these atoms and the power of imagination to raise the value of them, from the first flaming atoms to atoms refined to the point of spirit.

All life, past and present, is a series of journeys of discovery in all directions.  Now, it is mind and morals that need attention.  All the answers mankind will ever need are to be found in nature and mind.  We are minor gods in the process of formation.  How great must be the Mind of our Creator to place all things where they will be discovered when the right time arrives!  I surmise that in the after-life we will find the same previous thought  showing the way:  the way always being some form of beauty in form or comfort to lure us on to deeper and better discoveries of His Great Love.

The entire universe and minds were made for each other, here and in the after-life.  When we honor our mind by “right attention,”  we show our love for the Great Creator.  We do not see the appearance of God yet, but with the mind developed all will feel more and more His nearness.  From the mind and its connection with spirit and nature all our happiness comes.  The eye of the mind perceives the deeper thought, and happiness enduring is the sign of the Presence.  First send thought of love to the temple of your mind, your guide thru life, then visualize yourself filled with millions of atoms of spiritual love.  When every atom in mind and body is aroused, the ask and receive.  Wisdom orders all things well.

It is evident that these procedures into the unknown must be put to some divine use and about the best request that we can make to our Creator is for an increase in wisdom in all we say and do since wisdom orders all things well, to bring the best possible results at the time.

We must meditate on wisdom and, believing we can attain more, draw more wisdom to us. He can who believes he can. It is to the extent of the right faith and effort that we are rewarded. A good way to draw on wisdom and understanding is to write the best thought you have on any subject – then you have something sensible to build upon. Many people have wonderful thoughts and wish for more but fail to do one essential thing – put that first thought on paper, then pray for the better. Each time we rewrite, you are conscious of doing it better, because we learn from our mistakes. Even when the last effort is written, you are conscious that the best has not been recorded.

When we desire to advance we must take care of our inner self and outer self at all times, and keep ourselves balanced in mind and body to the extent progress must come. All the future awaits the right Divine effort to give expression to all the needs of mankind.

The balance we need mostly is sincere prayer, looking to the highest within. Be part of God; try to experience Divine nature in every cell of body and mind. Think of some power being dormant in many other bodies and beings that we cannot see with our sense eyes, nor experience with mortal rational thinking. The knowledge we have, surrounded by an area of ignorance, moves mankind forward. The unknown lures mankind on to knowledge. In the world of space, we reach the moon. In the world of mind, we find the atoms. Imagined and controlling they lead to knowledge, then to a quota of wisdom.

The first rule is to obey your talent, your genius. In the second place, the good mind is known by the choice of what is positive, of what is advancing. We must embrace the affirmative of love. Strength enters all persons as the “moral element” enters. Lovers of men are as safe as the sun, for goodwill makes insight.

The measure of mental health is the disposition to find good everywhere, good and order, and the love of truth. By nature we all have a certain divination of some higher good and perfection than either power or knowledge. Knowledge is to be preferred before power, being that which guides its blind force, but the origin of reason is not reason but something better.

The height of culture consists in the identification of self with the universe, so then when a man says, “I hope,” he might properly say, “the human race hopes,” and keep sight of his own ego as offset to his grand spiritual ego, without confounding them.

Emerson has expressed in his “History of Intellect” that the superiority of a man is in the simplicity of his thought. He looks at the pure fact with no bias of opinion. Profound sincerity is the basis of talent and character. All things point to a unity which inspires all people, and by casting ourselves trustfully on it and being its voice it rushes each moment to positive commands creating men and methods, and ties the will of a child to the love of the First Cause.

There is a great power in right imagination. Our Creator could have imagined creation to the last particle and thought before, by Divine power, making all things real.

We can use imagination to develop faster that which is inherent in us. We can believe we have a part of God inside and, by believing in this God of Love, find ourselves happy and contented with thoughts of good ever growing. Or we can believe we are a breathing, talking, thinking creature without a future here or hereafter, and feel lonely and miserable, wondering what life is all about. But if we believe there is a Presence within us, growing in power here and in the after-life, then our experience with Faith has started with this power, this Presence, all-wise and all-loving.

Though our faith is small at the start, it will grow and be sufficient unto our needs at all times. It grows in power as all human things do, by use, thru definite and constant practice, thinking and knowing we have a part of God within. It will develop hidden talents and cause us never again to feel lonely or insecure, for our faith will make us whole.

Those who have left their body for proof of survival beyond know there is a spirit within us now, being prepared for the after-life. This is the way of life, never to be changed. It is a Divine Truth that God is still in his heaven and that part of His heaven which you and I so earnestly desire – the Oneness with God – is within ourselves now – TODAY.


In using our imagination, we become aware it is real in the area of the mind. We can raise or lower our imagination and get results to the kind of image we hold. We find imagination is related to higher and lower states of thought; all is gradation in feeling and thought, and a finer feeling can induce the higher thought. When we find a thought that brings elevation to the mind and body, we can assume the thought is right, and if we find a wrong feeling after holding a thought, we assume the thought is not good.

We are loved and cared for from birth here to fulfillment by going thru the grades in the afterlife. We will find that the light that people in spirit emit in the after-life will denote their state of advancement.

Self-discipline is necessary to obtain wisdom. In the sacred laboratory of the mind the quality we sacrifice for the higher good does not go unnoticed by the Divine within us. Wisdom is the reward for the sacrifice of the lower thought and every atom within is adjusted to that cause.

To obtain this God-nature, begin with a loving and sincere approach to all things of a Divine nature, yet acknowledging that the limits of all the past, exist now, in a higher form, and there will ever be limits up to the Creator. All that is is evolving to become Supreme Intelligence to obtain the God-nature. We are perfecting our way to God’s Intelligence as it appears in all we see, and in the realm we cannot see.

In these days if rapid change people need help, not eternal consolation for the trials of life. We need something we can turn to and feel the benefit in mind and body, something to bring our Creator near to us.

We are put here on earth to work with our minds for advancement to the point where we deserve more help in the form of an inspiration, and then the thought we need comes to us. We are here to work, then to be worked upon by His agents until we reach a higher level of thought. The process is repeated to the next higher level – all is gradation in thought, up to God.

We find if we give a plant a better soil the plant thrives and gives its best to us. In a way we also are plants and we thrive on the kind of thought that comes to us and use. All thought contains some nutrient, and we grow as we are in touch with the high nutrient – the high thought.

Thoughts are the product of feelings. If we can induce a higher feeling, we receive a higher thought – Divine essence formulated. Many people reach a high level of thought, unconscious of how it was attained; now we can reach a high level of thought by conscious methods. Millions of people have great and wonderful thoughts, but do not write them so that they accumulate and draw interest. They are unconscious spendthrifts with the best if God’s creation – the Great Thought.

Oh, you who once were mortals, enrobed like us in clay,
Look down from heaven’s bright meadows, and bless our thought TODAY.

Right exertions made are the only requirements necessary for the reception of a new thought.  It is the “deserving” that brings God near.  He controls His universe by laws that never change.  People who greatly love truth receive inspirations to guide them, more so when the thought is to be received for the welfare of all.

Creation is activated for the improvement of mankind and devotion is not enough to insure progress  to His Will.  We must become a part of future perfection.  As we are, we are fearfully and wonderfully made; what mankind can be, only time will tell.   The Great Spirit fills all space and all people.  Those who have seen the astral world can speak better of the future.  We must find higher visions and wider views of thought to transcend past experience.

In the affair of life, thought is our guide, and thought gives better results when devotion is given to the Maker.  Better things are accomplished by taking time to receive the better thought; hurry is for slaves.  Our gifts thrive on loving attention.  Before seeking the solution to a problem, give time to increase the powers that allow thought to enter.  With a finger on each temple realize that your guide operates in the space between, and make it holy by sincere thanks.

Few people train the mind to do its best.  Breathe deeply of fresh air for some time and the benefit will last, and thinking the space blest is your hold on the worthy thought.  Then calmly invite the good thought – have a seance with God.  There is no thrill produced by drugs that cannot be equaled by a legitimate means for a longer time.

Most earthly minds are continuously thinking, forming an impassible barrier to inspiration unless the best thought is written and a better thought prayed for.  Pray for your mind to be open to a new thought in the direction of your talent.  There is always a higher thought.


Thinking what I desired most from life, from my realization of the power that could be generated by attention  to these spiritual agents, I decided that wisdom would be a good thing to ask to have enlarged.

I have found that any effort to obtain good results must be preceded by prayer and a spoken request, as I did when I first prayed for proof of God in man.  It is said that wisdom orders all things well, and today, with divorces beyond all reason, we need wisdom to save the nation.  I have found, too, a right action is a prayer in itself and to do our duties is the best of prayer.  In asking for benefits, be careful to sow the seed, then hope to reap the harvest.

When we ask for a greater sense of the possibilities of mankind, we are open to inspiration in that direction.  We have to hold the cup steady to find fulfillment.  When we appeal from every atom in mind and body we are pleading with all we have, and we deserve the better chance of success.  Our Creator seldom honors the half-hearted effort.

Everyone is now finding new uses for electricity and we have reactors being assembled in many countries.  There is a great struggle to convert natural energy to electrical energy.  Nuclear fusion and nuclear fission, magnetohydrodynamics, geothermal energy, and all the modern advances tell to the observant mind an equal advance in spiritual progress.  Nature is a copy of a perfected mind; mankind is in the process of perfection.

Enlightened people of all ages can unite with these Divine atoms within their own minds and bodies and make an enlightened society, and, in time, an enlightened world.  The human mind is designed to search and find enduring enjoyment in integrity of thought.  The imperfections of mankind ever drive people forward; they realize that there is a better thought and action to be found because every cell, every atom within, contains the Supreme Intelligence of God.  Realize your God-given nature, see every atom within as your God-given universe to be improved now and later.  We see the limits of our bodies here on earth, but not of our Divine intelligence – the atoms within – the spiritual atoms that transcend the body.  Our Divine atoms connect heaven and earth and we can, by prayer and procedure, in time leave our earthly body – see heaven.  Then find, perhaps, if our duties here are not done, we must return here.

We are destined to seek knowledge here and in the life here-after.  Thinking is the way of our destiny.  All our atoms are impressionable and they can be influenced to work for that which we desire most from life. In age, we seek for wisdom.

We must find the best use from our new source of wisdom and bring more joy to other lives.  We create a purer nature by perfecting our inner selves, thereby improving society with the increase of Divine Intelligence, as it appears in all things seen and all that is yet unseen.

We must see others in the same spiritual light and give God all praise for his wonderful plan – and for the love He has brought to His creatures – MAN.

Send love to the region of the mind often – and find your God near.


It is the reserves you have of that which you need that give you confidence.  The reserves of air give the diver in the water the confidence he needs, and it is the reserve of air in the lung that give the speaker  and singer poise in action before an audience.

Any kind of reserve can be had by paying the price of attention to the laws that govern the need.  The highest and best reserves to hold are spiritual reserves – prayers used in right actions.  If we write our thoughts on any subject we desire to learn, we impress the mind deeply and make the way of progress in any line of endeavor much easier.  The results vary with the intensity of interest and impact on the mind.  That which we know we must do, we do – for our life may depend on it.  Once we realize this fact, we can get anything we want from life by maintaining the interest.  Thoughts have a love for others of their kind, and are designed to help you by the Creator of laws.  The intensity of your need tells the Savior to help.

Prayer should be scientific, from every part of you thru every atom in creation to our Creator.  Nature does not give her best to the half-effort.  AAA-AH is the sound of breathing and life; breathe  until inspiration comes, then exhale and inhale deeply and, holding the breath, tell the Lord your needs.  With the mind impressed, the first part of the task is done.  We are cared for and loved every moment of life and beyond.  Tell your Creator your needs, with love, every morning and night – and win.

There is an ebb and flow in the tides and in feelings.  Our morning feels are not those of the evening.  We do our best when our feelings are high, and high feelings come from closeness to the Creator of feelings.

Our good feelings are from heaven for they ring true in all the affairs of life.  They tell of the extent of the regard other people have for us.  We go naturally to the place where persons have a warm feeling for us and stay away from the person who dislikes us.  Many have fine perceptions and can tell immediately any change in the affections of those they meet.

Feelings can be enlarged by kindness and contracted by injustice.  They guide us every moment of our lives.  The faces we meet betray the feelings of the person without them realizing they are telling the world the condition of their souls.  Love enlarges the power of the person to feel in the affairs of the heart and they project their love to the ends of space.

Fear emanates from all people to the degree they have it, and animals are very perceptive to the degree of love or fear in everyone they meet.   We can send a feeling of kindness to the new person we meet and a salesman can increase his sales by so doing.  The person buying honors the place where he intends to buy by his presence, and kind thoughts sent to those people are not lost.  There is magic in kindness and the thrill of receiving a thought tells of the depth of sentiment it will have on the hearts of the reader, or heaven.  We are all one in God’s love, and God-given feelings can make or break us.  By attraction and repulsion we hold our place in life, and success comes to those who love mankind – the best effort of God to the present time.

We must first visualize what we would be to invite the Power to create, as the Divine must have first visualized creation.  Advancing civilization needs peace of mind in many people.  Longer life and growing intellect prove the mind the Temple of the Living God.

The fact that new thought has more power than the old drives mankind thru ever higher advances and recessions to perfection.  We all have memories when the heavens at night were a blaze of living glory, when every sundered star spoke to every watching soul of His love.  We can return memory at will to many such nights and in meditation on those glorious nights find peace and a world of better thought, proving his love active in all creation.

To get better thought, dwell with the Source, then the love of truth and peace enters the soul and all internal and external troubles are less.  Live with a sense of unity with the Creator; be an active center for the Divine Will.   No one can learn what he has no preparation for learning, but no one need be small.  Embrace His Universe and grow.

Throughout the ages all have come here for a moment and then gone on to eternity.  Only the body and mind rejoice and suffer; the spirit goes on in smiling contentment to the Creator.  The entire mind and the entire universe were made for each other.  All mind and all space have yet to be discovered.  The newly explored regions of space prove there are unexplored areas of the mind.

Fooled at times thou must be, though wisest of the wise –
Then be the fool of virtue, not of vice.


It is in seeking improvement in any field of labor that mankind finds the glory of living.  It is the God in you Who sees and feels the God all around you.  To the extent we do this, we are enlightened by better thought.  Pray for an enlargement of true love and then find you are connected to right actions.  Maintain high ideals and win the thought that moves mankind forward.

The amount of godliness in every person speaks to all silently.  The largest view of the universe and mind should be the basis of our thanks.  Love of creation teaches us to overcome the narrow mind.  Our greatest power is prayer, supported by right actions.  A new principle of thought can assemble a new world.

The highest event in all nature is a new thought – put to use = ever bringing mankind nearer to God and love.  Accept a higher power in all your actions and become more mature.  Believe the Father who created can bring higher thought to your open mind.  Make the mind the Temple of the Living God.

All the thought of the past created the better present; then preach from the best of God’s creation and be near the Author of Life.  Only by drawing better thought to you can you can the real power, the kind that lives forever.  Love of mankind teaches us how to beat the “class” barrier and be near.  We are so designed, we are self-punished by all wrong actions and glorified by all right actions.  We gain by death – then the inside spirit rises.   The better people are made from weakness overcome.  Turn to God, the highest knowledge.  Reach for the “unreachable star” and rise.

Have enthusiasm for life, and above all have a consciousness of love, a radiant feeling flowing thru your consciousness at all times.  This can be acquired by believing there is a Presence within us which can be demonstrated by holding the right thought.

It is a great experience, after waking each morning, to send a blessing to all parts of the mind and body, and find yourself more alive in every part by the vibrations of the atoms of spirit, held for a time.

All history is sacred, showing a loving Father ever improving mankind from the first firelight of the cave to our present electric light.  Light of some form marks all advances of thought.  In age, when sensual joys are gone, the light of atomic wisdom prepares the mind for the higher enjoyment of the after-life where every stage of mind progression is signified by a higher spiritual light up to our Creator.



Always believing there is a part of God in every person, waiting for someone to give to the world absolute proof of the Divinity of all people, I prayed for a light to come and prove beyond all doubt that God hears your prayer when, by doing all duties, you make yourself deserving.  I prayed and eventually saw a light, an azure light, like a form far away as a star against a dark background.  I wondered if I expressed desire  if this Divine Light would come near for comfort to the soul, and the Light came near.  Then I made the mistake of inviting the light to enter into me, and found a strong current of power flowing down my spine, then flooding mind and body with a glow soft as moonlight. I found myself very intensely awake for several days and nights, to the extent that I eventually took sleep pills to get some measure of rest.

I realized later that I should have been content to have the Spirit outside, to be given more reverence, a God worshipped but never entered,  a God to ask for help as the need became evident.

I wrote to newspapers, speaking of higher truths to come, writing on spiritual matters when no one else had the same urge.  An age of hedonism seemed to be enveloping more and more people and with the decline of the old Faith, the old God seemed to be forgotten.  Some  people even boasted openly of their belief in nothing spiritual in the world, claiming death to be the end of everything.


Be kind and loving in all searching for truth.  Pray before action, and draw the Spirit to you.  There is power in cheerfulness.  Give a smile to your millions of atomic cells and they will reflect a smile back to you.  The whispered AAA-HA sound of breathing is the Holy Name used by all.  Be in company with everyone by thinking we are all His children.

The link between the physical and the spiritual is now explained.  We contain all that is needful to our government within ourselves.  We are made a law unto ourselves.  All real good or evil that can happen to us must come from ourselves.  The whole purpose of life seems to be to acquaint ourselves with our higher possibilities.  The highest revelation is that God lives in everyone.  Many people are deficient in different degrees in insight into religious truth.  They have no idea of that species of moral truth which can be called the First Philosophy – the religion behind all religions.  It is to do right, it is to love, it is to serve, it is to think, it is to be humble.



We kids knew that Mom and Dad had to be married in the Catholic Church rectory because Dad was not a Catholic and had been raised a spiritualist.  Daddy did not look with favor on the Catholic Church and I once heard him say he thought the crucifix was “ugly.”  We had heard about his “out of body” experience and he liked to write about it and give his writings to people as he went on his walks.   I used to think he was kind of “out there.”

I found this “book” of his among my papers, so I must have seen it before, but it was not until I started to type it that I realized how devoted Daddy was to truth, and wisdom, and nature, and beauty and to his Creator.  When I finally typed his words, “Have a seance with God,” I thought, “Wow!  Daddy had  a prayer life!”

In his later years, Daddy loved to play and replay a recording of  “How Great Thou Art, ” which would bring him to tears.  He died at 87, in 1978, and I would wish for everyone to have the kind of peaceful death that Daddy had.  At the end he said the Lord’s Prayer along with Annette and me and just slipped away.

For Daddy, the Vance Perry multitrack of How Great Thou Art.