In many cases we who can no longer do a push-up or a squat have to admit that we can no longer do them because it has been a long, long time since we even tried. Johanna has kept her skills because she refused to let them go. Below the video I am posting a 7 minute daily exercise routine which would do much to keep us stronger and more limber.

This 86 Year-Old Gymnast Has AMAZING Skills and Strength! from alegator21 on GodTube.

“86-year-old gymnast Johanna Quaas kicks serious ass on the gymnastics floor. Not only is the German woman in fantastic enough shape to rock a leotard, but her physical moves in a floor routine and parallel bars — parallel bars! — should both inspire us and put us all to shame.”

She also showed some serious, and seriously impressive skills on the parallel bars, and, in a German interview translated into English at, Quaas says she has been performing gymnastics since she was a twentysomething, and that she was also a member of the East German handball champion team.

Watch Quaas in action with her floor routine and amazing parallel bars performance below, then, you know, get up, walk away from your computer and do something:


7 minute workout