In life time is always present
And as each second ticks away
A part of us is gone forever
Until our final day.
It’s said that time is constant
And every second is the same –
A day for me is a day for you.
A fact that does not change.
If this is so, it’s funny
That in so many different ways
Time seems ever changing
As we live it every day.
The sun comes up each morning,
Giving all an equal start.
But why is my day longer
When I have a heavy heart?
In joy the days are fleeting,
Flying by us ten by ten,
And it seems tomorrow’s comings
Will never cease to end.
The years of youth are longer
Than those of older friends
Whose perception is much different
When looking from their end.
Feeling well,  the days are passing,
Each one a new surprise,
For the ill a day’s a lifetime,
A  forever in disguise.
For love, time is but a moment,
Lying together in the sun,
Yet, how long each passing hour
When apart from loving ones?
For the heart knows no second,
Nor hour of any kind,
It just beats to the rhythm
Of the body and the mind.
“How long is time?” you ask me.
“Is it a moment or forever,
Or just a frame to live in
As we walk through life together?”
I believe that time’s a measure.
One that varies in a way
That depends on how we live it
As we use each passing day.
And that time alone is nothing
Unless blending with the being.
It needs a heart and soul to live
And people are its meaning.
With time and life in concert
There is music ever flowing,
For time that beats to living
Is the melody of our growing.
In life this song is  sung
As a harmony with a blending
Of the ticking and the beating
Till the day of final ending.
So lend one ear to the ticking,
But keep the other to the beat
By living life the fullest
As you trod along its street.
Do not wait for days to fly by
Or for moments to stand still,
Love your life and what you’re living
So life’s measure may be filled.
Until the time when we are with Him –
It may be short or it may be long,
But it makes so little difference
When your time in life’s a song.
…………………By Ernie Hodson