Dear WordPress,

I’m sorry I missed your fifth birthday party but you’ll have to be a lot older than 5 for me to travel all the way to San Francisco to celebrate. Maybe you’ll come to my 85th birthday party next month? (I’ll admit I jumped the gun just a bit in naming my blog Soon it will be official, God willing.)

Please accept my apologies for my criticisms of WordPress in my earliest blogs. I had expected to just have to type and found that I actually had to learn a thing or two in order to blog happily. It’s been three months now and presently I am in awe of WordPress’s capabilities — and I know practically nothing about it — except that anything I want to do seems possible, with a little help from my son.

Once again, thank you, WordPress. You’re the best. (But what do I know?)

Blogging greatgrandmother, and friend for life.