Six and sixty years ago
You had a little girl,
Her name was Dorothy Dimple,
She had a golden curl.

She was a darling baby
As anyone could see
You gave her tender loving care,
Dad bounced her on his knee.

From Detroit to Lebanon
With your kiddies four
We travelled in our Model T
To Aunt Theresa’s door.

I made my first Communion there
And went to Henry Houck,
Learned to tap with Lillian,
For Uncle George Dad worked.

Then to Bridgeport via bus
At Grandma’s house to stay
We whooped it up in Grandma’s yard
what did she have to say?

You went to work at Gray Line bus,
And Dad at the GE,
Adele MRrie made her debut,
As cute as she could be.

We bought a lot on East Main Street
And Stratford became home.
We kids went here and there to school
And otherwise to roam.

One by one each took a spouse,
Began to propagate,
Now grandkids number twenty-three
Great-grandkids twenty-eight!

Your children now are turning gray,
Ninety-five years have fled,
Who would have thought ‘twould come to this
When Frank and Agnes wed?

We thank you, Mom, and you, too, Dad,
For years of loving care,
You did your best and raised us well,
We turned out passing fair.

So happy birthday once again,
We love you, one and all,
We pray for you God’s blessings now
And heaven at his call.
……….Dorothy Dimple

No real poet am I but a loving daughter. The “Upheaval” resurrected this old poem that I hardly recall at all. Mom and Dad were both worthy of poems in their honor. Though I took them for granted as a child I have come to appreciate how fortunate we all were to have such parents. They were there and interactive, dependable, honest, kind, hard-working, and many other good things. We were hit hard by the depression and
Dad, a carpenter by trade, could not find work. Eventually, as in the poem, we ended up in Bridgeport where Mom, class valedictorian and a trained bookkeeper, worked briefly in an awning factory sewing awnings. She then got the job as bookkeeper for the bus company, Dad got a job at GE, and we were once again solvent. All children should be as blessed as we were!