Looking back at my old posts it looks like it has been four years since vertigo has upset my life. In the interest of completeness I feel I should record the fact that at 94-1/2 vertigo can come and go. It is now four days without the acute vertigo that started two weeks ago.  It began with the usual spinning around of the ceiling when I lay on my left side.  Wondering whether this might be a stroke I called Mary (in the morning, way before she wanted to wake up!) and asked her to come be with me.  Nothing terrible developed and it seemed be just be more (again) of the vertigo that has come and go over 40 years.  I got out my old records, re-read the instructions for the Epley maneuvers and did then several times over several days before it seemed I could once again lie on my left side without my stomach sinking and the world revolving.

Reflecting back over the years it seems my ears have always been sensitive to motion.  No one else in the family had carsickness like I did.  Up and down and round and round always made me sick to my stomach.  If I had another life to live I think I might look into the relationship between eye and ear movements and nausea!

Later.  I am now 94-11/12 and time to close this post.  Yes  I had real vertigo at that time but it has been long gone.  Thank you Lord.