It is now over a year since my first blogpost – and what a surprising ride it has been! I started blogging without ever having read a blog, without a clue about what a blog usually looks like. That explains why my blog has its own different look. My web designer, son Johnny, had as little blog experience though he does have a very useful website for small engine people.

It has gone in directions I could never have imagined. Who would think I would be so politically involved that I would head to my computer and immediately start writing ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS about how excited I was when Sarah Palin burst onto the scene. I read once that young voters tend to vote for their pocketbook and older ones are more interested in character. We old folks want to know that we are voting for a GOOD man (or woman) regardless of party or promises. We want to believe that a candidate will “do the right thing” according to his conscience. When Sarah Palin said she had a “servant’s heart” that rang true and she rang true. If I chance to find a real Christian it is my expectation that s/he will not lie, cheat, or steal, and any political mistakes will be honest ones. As soon as Obama reneged on his agreement with McCain to rely only on public funding he was off to a bad start with me. He out-spent McCain three to one and I agreed with the magazine cover that showed the White House with a big SOLD sign on it when he won the election. When Judicial Watch (good people to my mind) listed him among the ten most corrupt politicians in the country that boded ill. After all, he did rise to the top in a notably corrupt one-party system in Chicago. And things have gone down-hill ever since–or so I think.   Watch 100 days of Change ———-

I remember writing early on that blogging made me feel naked.  A blogger is so “out there” and vulnerable.    If you happen to think you’re smart enough so that your opinion might be of some value, the last thing you want to do is write something incredibly stupid. The more you write, the more likely that you will make a bad blunder. It might be better to say nothing at all than to take the chance of putting your foot in it.   How humbling that would be! On the other hand, maybe it’s good to get those “wrong” opinions out there so someone can put you straight. I’ve always said I love a good dialogue and a dialogue has to involve differing thoughts. Hopefully both sides will listen, and think, and perhaps arrive at something we can both agree on, with a ultimate increase in understanding.

Are there things I don’t blog about? Of course there are. When I finally start wearing Depends and I write about it (IF I write about it) you might say to yourself, isn’t there anything she keeps private? If someone does something nice, I can write about that. But suppose someone does something hurtful.  That is probably something to keep to myself. I probably shouldn’t even write about the wonderful, Godly way I’m dealing with it! So rest assured, everything is not being put out into cyberspace. Just because we old folks  have some faith and some perspective and are  cheerful overall doesn’t mean we don’t hurt sometimes.

I have very much enjoyed reading  other people’s blogs, especially those in my blogroll. I love the honesty that shines through these beautiful flawed persons.  When Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife who juggles “three kids, four blogs, a blog design business, and the laundry) got her new washer/dryer set (on pedestals) it was fun going through the agonizing, the shopping, the deciding, and seeing pictures of the final installation with a new paint job on the wall and the prospect of a “colorful rug” on the floor.   Bloggings provides a real insight into the nitty-gritty of other lives.   Provided, of course, you run into a truthful person.

Healthwise, with me, things are not much different. The walking is now slow enough for people to comment on it. The balance is obviously a little off. I’ve blogged about the dentures and the hearing aid and there’s no need to repeat. Weight is down a bit which I attribute to more fruits and vegetables. Mentally, I’ve really been enjoying playing Scrabble with online friends. On the other hand, the word-finding and name-recalling is worse than before. Yesterday, try as I would, I couldn’t remember the name of the stuff in my caulk gun. I knew everything about it, except it’s name. But if you came up with “silicone” I’d say “that’s it; why can’t I remember that?”  My mind is sharp enough to know that it’s not as sharp as it used to be.  Never a computer whiz, I seem to be more easily confused when it comes to uploading and embedding or doing anything beyond typing and editing. It has become clearer than to me than  ever that everything we have is a gift.  Our abilities, talents and our good looks are gifts.   We did not choose then, earn them, or deserve them.  They are not things to be proud of but rather grateful for.  Now you have them — now you don’t.

Why do I blog, why  am I still blogging? I originally wrote because I thought the experiences and thoughts of an old lady might be of interest and even of some help to those either living old or getting old.  I write also to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, God-with-us, a historical person who started a church so old that its prelates wear funny clothes that date centuries back.  I lean a lot on him.   I write especially for my family thinking that I might set some things down before the Alzheimer’s sets in (one out of two over 85 gets it!) that will give them some clue as to who their progenitors were and what made them tick.

Yes, blogging makes me feel naked and vulnerable.   On the other hand, when one is aware of the sheer volume of what is “out there” one can feel very insignificant.  Why would anyone pay you (or me) any attention at all?   We come to realize that to the rest of the world we are about as important as a pebble on the beach.  We  are both afraid of being heard and afraid of not being heard.

Is there anything so intriguing about the title of this post that someone would bother to read it through to the end?   If anyone has, would you let me know?


The Lord giveth and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord. — Job 1:21