When we named my blog Musings at 85 we jumped the gun by several months, but I was close enough to 85 to be OK with it.  And when son Johnny renamed it Musings at 86 a few weeks ago that was OK with me, too.  We were close enough.  But today, for first time, I am actually  musing at 86.   Yesterday (the actual birthday)  was too busy to muse online.  It was a very good day.   Mass a 7:30 with my mass friends.  Praying at the abortion mill for a couple of hours, followed by lunch with my pro-life friends.  Phone calls, e-mails, cards, visits,  gifts, flowers –  what would we do without family and friends?  One friend took me to see My Sister’s Keeper, a real tear-jerker, very well acted, with a up-close look at death by cancer which some would find hard to take.  Another friend took me to Cold Stone Creamery (who knew there was such a place?) where they smashed together (on a cold stone, I presume)  ice cream, chocolate pieces, peanut butter and chocolate syrup for me to enjoy.  I got to see my five-year-old great-granddaughter, Selva, (who lives in Guatemala)  sing on Facebook and visit in person!  I mean – what a birthday!


I was one of five siblings and all are still alive. Here we are at a previous gathering. I’m the one on the left with half a face missing. We are, left to right, Dorothy 85, Bob 82, Annette 80, Ernie 79, and Dolly 70.  We try to get together as often as possible as we are so glad to still have each other. Since Dolly (the baby) moved to Florida, away from the rest of us, we are especially glad when she is able to join us.

Today we gathered again, except for Dolly, who called yesterday to wish me well and tell me they have a new doggie, a Puggle (a Pug and Beagle mix). We called her again today from the restaurant for no other reason than that she is our sister and we love her.   We had a lovely lunch, communed and commiserated, and parted ways.

Plumb tuckered out by two days of celebrating being 86, I am happy at last to settle down and listen (and pray for) Father Groeschel who is also struggling with aging and infirmity.   He is talking about our merciful God and that seems like a happy thought to go to bed with.   Good night and God bless.


Here is the latest photo of the siblings:  October, 2009.



They are planted in the house of the Lord, they flourish in the courts of our God – They still bring forth fruit in old age, they are ever full of sap and green — Psalm 92: 13,14