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February 27th, 2009


Some years back we had a Catholic parish priest who said that as long as he had anything to say about it, we were not going receive Communion under both species.  It was my understanding that he did not think it healthy for all those people to be drinking from  the same cup.

In those churches where the cup was offered to the people,   extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist  were taught that they were to turn the cup a bit so the next communicant drank from a different side, and after each sip they were to wipe the rim of the cup with the napkin.   It is obvious that after four or five people had received Communion the rest  were drinking from a side of the cup that had already been used, and possibly the napkin had acquired a variety of germs from the wiping.

Nevertheless, Jesus did say, “Eat my body and drink my blood,”  and “Take and drink.”   Let me explain the way I think about it.  Even 2000 years ago, before Louis Pasteur and microscopes and nanotechnology, Jesus would have known about microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, and the like – and their potential for causing disease.  In fact, he may very well have spoken the Word that brought their DNA into existence so that they could multiply ad infinitum and do whatever it was they were supposed to do. Read the rest of this entry »

April 17th, 2008


We are all familiar with the smiling housewife in the TV commercial who says, “I use new HAPPY detergent in my automatic Whing-Ding washer because when I first opened up my new washer there was a big box of HAPPY packed right inside of it. In fact, HAPPY is recommended by the manufacturers of nine out of ten automatic washers. Now, with HAPPY, Monday is fun-day!”

We would think Mrs. Housewife pretty silly if she didn’t try her box of HAPPY, since it came so highly recommended. The manufacturer should know what detergent is best for his appliance. If she just threw out her HAPPY and forever after washed her clothes with bar soap that she pulverized each day in her HANDY-DANDY blender we would suspect that she wasn’t quite up to par when it came to common sense.
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