I’ve just come from a veritable blogfest!  Elizabeth Esther of the Saturday Evening Blog Post has assembled (and is still assembling) a collection of the favorite posts of various bloggers in 2009.   Each blogger is invited to choose the 2009 post they would like to share and to add a link for it to Mr. Linky.    (See the Saturday Evening Blog Post site for complete details.)  When I last looked,  78 people had provided favorite posts.  As she says, “You’re next!.

I must admit, however, besides the wonderfulness of being able to quickly review the favorite posts of 77 people, I have the distinct feeling of being quite out of place.  The blogs are mostly bubbly and bursting with babies, and child-raising experiences .    I was there once there myself – the newborns are SO precious — and it’s truly all very wonderful!  Then I come back to my own blog with its parchment wallpaper and sedateness and wonder why anyone would stop there to read.   Of course my original reason for blogging was to preserve my memories and thoughts as an old lady,  primarily for my family,  and perhaps shed some light on the aging process for others on the downhill slope.

And my favorite post for 2009?  My thoughts on evolution – The Evolution Fairy Tale!    But if I have written anything momentous in 2009, that is it.   Sorry.

I invite others to join in the blogfest and enjoy the best of 2009.  (Thank you, Elizabeth Esther, for this feast.)   Leave a link to your own favorite post.  And if you don’t chose to read about evolution today, that’s OK.  I still think it’s an important post.  Enjoy the babies.  God knows they’re our hope!