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April 1st, 2008


It may be that there is a book out there somewhere called COMPUTER CODES FOR GRAMMYS. Until I find it, I’m grateful for the advice that Google offers. Google has obliged me by helping me with my bolding and italicizing. It also has made me aware that I’m not the only one to be distressed by the difficulty in centering titles. In fact, it seems so cumbersome that I’m practically resigned to having titles hug the left margin. God willing, by the time of my next post, Google (or someone) will have taught me how to write a link that actually works. I know how to do it in my e-mail but it doesn’t seem to apply in a blog.
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March 30th, 2008


Who knew? Who knew what starting a website would involve? Certainly not me. “All you have to do is type,” I was told. Now I find when I want to edit something I have typed, it is all mixed up with CODE. (WordPress insists that CODE IS POETRY) I find I can’t center titles. I can’t change a font. I don’t know how to insert a link to another website. I’m sure there’s a code for underscoring and italicizing, but I don’t know what it is. HELP!
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