I felt these two recent pieces on the internet should appear together as they highlight a growing anti-Christian sentiment in our own country and in the world at large.

International Christian Concern has released its annual Hall of Shame Awards given to the ten worst nations for religious persecution.  They note that there is a recent gradual  shift in religious persecution from Communist countries to Islamic countries.

ICC ranks the world’s worst persecutors of Christians as following:

1. North Korea
2. Iraq
3. Ethiopia
4. Saudi Arabia
5. Somalia
6. Iran
7. Eritrea
8. China
9. Vietnam
10. Pakistan

Michael Voris on The Vortex tells about the “shadow” that Pope Benedict sees falling over the culture with the collapse of the old world and an ever increasing marginalization of the Catholic Church.

And here, Protestant Evangelist David Wilkerson wails over what is happening in our society.


For her part, the Church in the United States is called, in season and out of season, to proclaim a Gospel which not only proposes unchanging moral truths but proposes them precisely as the key to human happiness and social prospering — Pope Benedict XVI