Abortionists, you know, hide behind euphemisms. They would never say, “Kill your unborn baby.” Rather its “investigate your medical options,” “dispose of the products of conception,” “terminate the pregnancy,” and “exercise your freedom of choice.”

I recently read a chilling story about a hypothetical organization which would, for a fee, enable parents to do away with their unwanted child, up to age 9, or, as they so nicely phrased it, “Terminate the latent maturity of a youngling.”

A woman, they said, should have the freedom to determine what is to be done with the products of her body. Should she come to the agonizing decision that the youngling was not of the desired quality, was not developing satisfactorily, or was a career impediment, the Reproductive Control Association would neatly and discretely dispatch the youngling and even arrange for its personal belongings to be removed and the room redecorated and turned into a hobby center. Read the rest of this entry »