This Saturday we will drive to Chicopee for the funeral mass of an old pro-life friend who died in his sleep the other night. Jim was the kind of person you just knew was good, through and through. I feel more inclined to ask him to pray for we who are left behind, than for the happy repose of his soul. We are grateful that he was able-bodied to the end, and that the end (and the new beginning) was fast. God bless you, Jim.

Jim was my age, which does give one pause. A few weeks ago my daughter, Terry, was inquiring about my end-of-life wishes. I said I would get to it, and now is probably as good a time as any. I have already completed a Health Care Proxy, signed and countersigned. It gives my agent authority to request and receive information about my medical condition, and to make medical decisions in accordance with my wishes, should I be unable to make them. Read the rest of this entry »