There are over 700 dead so far in the Chilean earthquake and they’ve had 90 after shocks, including two over 6.0.    Europe is  suffering a major storm with many deaths and a million power outages.  I just heard about a girl whose innards were sucked out through her anus by a pool drain.  I mean, some people have trouble.     My two little lumps seem so insignificant in the overall picture.

There are probably others like me, who, when they discover a strange lump in their body, immediately think “Is it malignant?”  Does it threaten my life?  What am I going to have to undergo because of this?

So I found this little lump, very small, movable, non-tender, in my neck,  under my chin, just to the right of the trachea. A recent repeat thyroid ultrasound had come back “no significant change; no need for biopsy; repeat in 2-3 years.”  But it didn’t cover the area of the lump.  My internist seemed unimpressed and said we’d watch it – maybe I’ve always had it  — come back in two months.  By the time I returned to him in two months I had found another lump, this time in my right cheek.    Very small, pea-sized,  hard, non-tender.  He referred me to an ENT specialist.

My sister was kind enough to take me to the ENT man,  just in case I might need  moral support or a biopsy.  She’s a nurse and old, too, like me,  and very nice.  The ENT man looked first in my ears (E), then my nose (N), then in my mouth (T).  His considered opinion was that I probably had a blocked salivary gland (did you know we have hundreds of little salivary glands in our mouths?)  Nothing to worry about.  He likewise seemed unimpressed with the under-the-chin lump but offered no explanation for it.  However, with two doctors so nonchalant, I’m willing to live peaceably with them unless they somehow act up.   We’re in “wait and see” mode.

And that’s the story.

Strange coincidence: When I told my son about my cheek lump he informed me that he had had a similar one “forever,” also in his right cheek.   When I told my daughter about it, she said she had once had cellulitis in her right cheek, and had to eat sour candies to prompt her salivary gland to secrete.   You don’t suppose we have a familial right salivary gland lump chromosome, do you?

It makes one wonder.

As an afterthought: 

The following video of an  ABC report  by John Stossel on Obama’s health care reform bills  worries me considerably more than my lumps do.    When I discovered the lumps I  was able to see two doctors quite promptly without any trouble.   Hopefully I will not be around when the time comes that some government bureaurocrat gets to decide whether I need to see  a doctor, whether I need a referral to a specialist, whether I can wait six months, or whether I am valuable enough to society to be worthy of any care at all.

And, Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan:


But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. — Isaiah 53:5