SIECUS (The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) is no friend of abstinence-until-marriage education. You can access their site here to see how wrong they think it is. They are not at all happy that Section 510 of Title V of the Social Security Act provides for millions of dollars to help fund this “ideological” enterprise. Some States are relinquishing the monies available from the federal government in order to provide “more comprehensive” sex education to children. One such bill recommends that in grades five to eight students learn the skills necessary to prevent pregnancy, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Some start in first grade with “age-appropriate” information.

What can these skills be? No doubt they include methods of contraception, ways in which AIDS is transmitted, and this information requires, in turn, detailed information about various sexual acts and apparatus and chemicals to render them safe.

To my mind, the only skill necessary at that age is the ability to say “no” to sexual activity. Read the rest of this entry »