On September 11, 2009, Jim Pouillon, 63, was shot and killed outside a high school in Owosso, MI, as he was holding the above  sign. It is said that the reverse showed picture of an aborted baby.

Jim’s prolife activity dates back to Atlanta in 1988, as does mine. I never met him personally but hear that he was like most prolifers that I know — peaceful, prayerful, persevering.  I understand well that our very presence — whether we carry a sign or a rosary — angers those who favor a right to abortion.  They honk, they shout, they give us the finger.  Occasionally they attack.

Jim was shot 10 times, point blank,  in the chest and abdomen.  He was a disabled man who had, that very morning, dropped his own granddaughter off at the high school where he was killed.

Bloodshed needs to stop both inside and outside of abortion “clinics.”  We have to remember that people who are pro-abortion, by definition, believe in killing as a solution.

WILX reported:

33-year-old Harlan James Drake is charged with four counts; first-degree premeditated murder against James Pouillon– a known anti-abortion activist of Owosso, first-degree premeditated murder against Mike Fuoss, an Owosso business owner, felony firearm and carrying a weapon with unlawful intent.
Police say when they apprehended Drake, he told them he was planning to kill a third person, James Howe, a realtor from Owosso.
Drake has no prior records and will be back in court for a preliminary hearing on September 25th. He remains in custody with no bond.

The battle between the culture of life and the culture of death has been going on since the beginning of time and will continue to the last day. Mr. Pouillon carried a beautiful sign, with truth on both sides. Would that there were similar signs in front of every abortuary in the country. We cannot shrink back now.

Please, someone, will you let me know where we can purchase some?


I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse: Therefore choose life. — Deuteronomy 30:19