Today is the first day of summer and a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Red and white roses in full bloom – my fig tree has not only survived the winter but is growing apace – a wee brown bunny apparently lives in my yard and has eaten my parsley to the ground twice so far.

It seems I’ve been given a second chance when it comes to baby birds. My spring trauma was that there was a nest in the rose bush with three baby robins in it and nurturing parent birds going back and forth. Then, all of a sudden, an empty nest! And not a clue as to what happened to them. But now, in the hanging verbena that Dan gave me for Mother’s Day, there is a wee nest containing five little white eggs. The verbena blooms profusely with red and pink flowers but needs to be watered daily or it dries out. Imagine my surprise when I climbed up on the porch rail to water the verbena and a slender brown bird flew out of the plant.

I guess it’s a sparrow, but I read that sparrow eggs are speckled and I see no spots–-and the eggs seem to me to have a tinge of blue. Anyhow, in spite of daily watering the momma bird keeps coming back and this time around I have hopes of seeing the entire birdie cycle completed. Read the rest of this entry »