It’s time I made a public profession:    I delight in Kelly Ripa. When I came across this little clip of Impromptu Kelly Ripa I thought it was half a minute which epitomizes her unscripted spontaneity and pure joie de vivre — not to mention amazing eye-hand coordination!    It captured her fun-loving spirit so perfectly that I felt impelled to post a paean of praise for Pipa Ripa.

For the past eight years or so I’ve seen more of Kelly each day than I see of any of my children.  She seems to be an ordinary young woman with a trueness, a freeness, and a lovingness that delights me — and many others.  Of course, she is also beautiful and talented.   You get the feeling that on Regis and Kelly Live she is in her element, that she was born to be where she is now.   As she says, she only works an hour a day (though she does have other irons in the fire) which allows time for  motherly things  like baking cookies and PTA meetings.   And also provides money for a house in the Hamptons, vacations in Hawaii, and expensive niceties I can only imagine.   Somehow she still seems to have her feet on the ground.

Regis is now 78 years old and as a senior myself I have been happy to  see how he came back from his open heart surgery and then his hip replacement a couple of  months ago.  He has obviously been serious about physical therapy and exercising as he did not hesitate to get down on the floor and do push-ups when Valerie Bertinelli was demonstrating how she “lost it” and “found it.” (Her  book last year was  called Losing It and the new one  this year is Finding It — about how she lost weight and got her life back.)

Kelly shows  a tenderness and protectiveness toward Regis that is almost mother-like, as she covers for his senior lapses.    When he had trouble with name-finding, she said, “Tell me his job description and I’ll tell you his name.”   She is helpful without seeming condescending or smarter,  a very fine line to walk!

I am also delighted with the relationships on the show – between Ripa and Regis,  between Regis and Gelman – that have borne the test of time because they are rooted in genuine caring.    Today is the fourth  day of my Lenten fasting from television, and I have to admit I’m having serious Regis and Kelly withdrawal!

All is wonderful on Regis and Kelly Live — for now.  Know Kelly Ripa, that there is an 86-year-old grandma out in Connecticut  who has delighted in you five hours a week for a number of  years – who bears you in her heart — who prays for your family —  who thanks you for daring to be you —  for being a real mother and wife — who wishes you well  — and prays for you light for the path  and  strength for the journey.   By some miracle of grace may you stay grounded.


From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. — Luke 12:48