Whatever can be the matter?  In the olden days (a year or two ago,  before our local liberal News-Times changed management) I would write an occasional letter to the editor.  Mary, the opinion editor, would call to see if I had actually written it, offer her criticisms, and eventually it would see the black of print.  We often had some pretty lively dialogues going!

Last month something in the News-Times prompted a letter to the editor which I sent off by email.  No response.  I sent it again.  More silence.  A third time – nothing.  I mentioned that people sometimes ask me why they haven’t seen any letters from me lately and I have to tell them the new letters editor won’t give me the courtesy of a reply.   As a last resort, I sent my letter to the managing editor.   Dead silence.

What can be the matter?   Here is my letter.   What do you think?


It sure would be nice if the News-Times would do a real news story and put its Catholic priest-bashing in proper perspective. (Oct 6, p A5).  Just because old records have been released does not mean they have to be paraded in print yet again!

Some little understood facts:

1. A Washington Post survey found that over the past four decades, less than 1.5 percent of the estimated 60,000 priests have been accused of child sexual abuse.

2.   An Associated Press report in 2007 found 2500 cases in the previous five years of  public school students being molested. Suspended teachers are commonly passed from one school district to another.  “So frequent is this phenomenon that it’s called ‘passing the trash’” This is not covered by big media, including the Boston Globe which broke the Catholic scandal. They don’t really care about the molested, only the identity of the molester.

3. Again, the National Review Board in 2004 noted that 81 percent of the victims were male, most of whom were post-pubescent, saying “we must call attention to the homosexual behavior that characterized the vast majority of the cases of abuse observed in recent decades.” While most gay priests are not molesters, most of the molesters are gay.   The board correctly stressed that ‘there are many chaste and holy homosexual priests who are faithful to their vows of celibacy.’

4.   The most recent John Jay report tries to cover-up the homosexual reality.  It uses the word pedophile 14 times, ephebophile 12 times (meaning a sexual preference for mid to late adolescents — i.e. homosexuality.)  There were almost twice as many alleged victims aged 15 or over as there were those aged 9 or less. The problem is not primarily pedophilia but homosexuality – chicken hawk stuff.

5.   By a margin of 81-19 — the exact figure found in the report covering the years 1950-2002 — the molesters still prefer the boys. You don’t hear about the priests hitting on the altar girls.

6.   National Review Board board member Dr. Paul McHugh,  a former psychiatrist-in-chief at John Hopkins Hospital is quoted as saying “This behavior [the priest abuse scandal] was homosexual predation on American Catholic youth, yet it’s not being discussed.”

We all know, of course, why the homosexual connection is not being reported.   The Catholic church (like other denominations, public schools, the armed services, etc.) has a homosexual problem but because of “political correctness” the media refuse to call it that.  In this day and age, pedophilia is considered perverse and horrible, but homosexuality is cool and wonderful.

Tar all the priests with the pedophilia feathers but don’t dare to hint that it is naughty to seduce adolescent boys because that is what homosexuals do – and we all know that homosexuals are great!   All priests are suffering from this scandal when actually very few are involved, and most of those involved are homosexuals rather than pedophiles.   And it is the mainstream media doing the cover-up.

Here is Michael Voris on homosexual priests:


Pilate said to him “What is truth?” —  John 18:38

(Note:    Some facts above are taken from publications of the Catholic League.  I urge readers to visit their site for documentation and more data.)