Whatever has happened to libido? Lately it seems to be much sought after. Pill manufacturers and porn producers rake in billions of dollars catering to those looking for a “turn on” or “enhancement.” Time was – and not that long ago – that men were able to get it on, women were able to conceive, and babies were produced one after another. It may just be that no one talked about arousal difficulties back then. But maybe things actually worked better than they do now.

In women, some libido loss has been attributed to hormonal imbalance. Low libido is reportedly a major side-effect of the high estrogen birth control pill. Pills containing both estrogen and progesterone have been shown to double the incidence of depressive symptoms. It’s hard to be perky when you’re depressed. Millions of women taking these pills not only suffer themselves but urinate measurable quantities of these hormones into the public water supply. But, according to George Harden, a board member of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, “If you’re killing mosquitoes to save people from the West Nile virus, you can count on environmentalists to lay down in front of the vapor truck, claiming some potential side-effect that might result from the spray. But if birth control deforms fish – backed by the proof of an EPA study – and threatens the drinking supply, mum will be the word.”
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