Sometimes I get ready for Mass and just sort of automatically settle into a pew, look around to see who’s there, follow along in my missalette, responding on cue, and never really say “hello” to God. It may suddenly hit me that I’m just doing a rote thing and have not really lifted my heart or mind even once to Jesus present in the tabernacle and on the altar. I will say, “I’m sorry,” and “Have mercy on me,” and “I’ll try to do better.” And then I go back to responding on cue.

A mother gets up in the morning, gets the kids dressed and fed and off to school, goes about her motherly duties, cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping. She usually does not wake up and say, “This day I will be the best mother ever. This day will be all quality time. This day my children and my husband will really feel my love.” More than likely, she just responds on cue, doing what needs to be done. There is a deep commitment, but it’s not on her mind. She is expected to be there, and she is.
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