This turned up this morning in my Google reader.   It was such a welcome change from the attitude that an inconvenient baby should be summarily dispatched at the abortuary that I was “suckered in.”  Mr. Roesler writes that people ask if he is looking for a hand-out, and is this a scam?  No, he is just an expectant father who loves his wife and is trying to make things work out.  And if you want to help, well, thanks.

I figured there were many less important things I could do with my ten bucks.  I did hesitate about sending my credit card number and opted to pay with PayPal.   Welcome, baby.


My name is Peter Roesler and I am married with a 18 month old child. We are a single income family. My wife goes to school fulltime. My wife is 5 months pregnant and we do not have insurance for the pregnancy. We tried to get her coverage, but we were rejected because she had a baby shortly before. I really love my wife and my 18 month son Khi, but times are tough and I am not getting new work like I used to. I currently am working 70 hours a week trying to make money to pay for the new baby delivery $10,000 and a cheap $3,000 minivan. Our goal is to get $13,000 by Feb when the new baby is due. The reason for the minivan is because we currently share one truck, and it doesn’t have a cab. So we don’t have room for the new baby.

If you are inclined to help welcome a new baby into this world, here is the website.


And when you welcome one of these children because of me, you welcome me. — Matthew 18:5