My daughter, Katy, came to visit from Indiana and brought me an iPad for my birthday.  True, on first seeing what an iPad can do, one is filled with wonderment.  But when one learns that one is expected to learn how to make the iPad perform, one (or at least this one person) is worried about one’s ability to meet the challenge.

Fortunately, Katy set the whole thing up for me before she left.  It involved something called iTunes, which had never been on my radar before, multiple passwords which I will never remember, and a brief lesson on how  to access Scrabble on Facebook.  Of course Scrabble on Facebook on iPad is not like Scrabble on Facebook on my PC.  But I seem to be coping with that reasonably well so far.

Then there’s the  iCloud.  Somehow my computer and my iPad meet in the iCloud and exchange data!!!  Katy showed me how to get my email and delete the rejects.  I am still not at all clear as to what emails are still where – haven’t figured if I’m deleting the same emails twice on the two machines or what.   Yesterday, without my even asking it, my iPad went ding-dong and informed me that I should be up picketing our abortionist at 9 AM.   It was then 8:52.  Fortunately, that was in my plans.   Obviously that iCloud has been looking into my computer and knows my future plans by looking at my Google calendar!

Oh, yes.  Face Time!  When Katy arrived home after her flight my iPad started making a racket.  I opened it and there she was, laughing at me, wondering where the rest of my face was.  She was safe home, cooking, and showed me the meat on her stove.  Truly, truly this is a marvelous invention.  Before her visit, it had been a year since Katy and I had seen each other.   Now we can look at each other and talk FACE TO FACE.  Lucky me — in just a few days I’ll be able to show her my bandages after surgery for a facial cancer!

Also, she left me without showing me how to recharge the iPad.  I couldn’t find anything on my PC as basic as how to plug the thing in.  But I did have a charger and was told I should put one end in the wall outlet and then look around the iPad until I found an opening that would match the other end of the charger.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?   I found an appropriate looking hole but decided I needed to take the iPad out of its cover so I could plug it in.  Once the iPad was freed and I turned the plug around it went nicely into the hole with a happy little sound.  But there was no notice, as on my cell phone, that it was “Charging.”  So I unplugged and replugged and it made the happy sound again and didn’t display the dreaded “Not Charging” that I had read about.  After a little while I unplugged again and found the battery percentage had gone from 33% to 34%.   I considered that progress and left it for several  hours. It is now 100% charged!

Now that it was  nicely full I put my iPad back in its cover but when I opened it – where were my icons?  Instead there was a notice I should “Slide to open” or something like that.  Also it no longer made a cute little click when I closed it again.  The next day it occurred to me that it might be in the folder backwards so I took it out, turned it around, and noticed that now the camera hole and the hole in the folder were now aligned  – which would be good if I wanted to use the camera!  And it also displayed the icons when opened and made that cute click when closed.

Do you supposed I’ll ever be really competent with this thing?   Stay tuned.