After Glenn Beck’s talks on Restoring Honor two years ago and Restoring Courage last year, I was looking forward to the final talk of the trilogy, Restoring Love.  Unfortunately Glenn went off on his own TV channel, The Blaze, and I totally missed the last talk on Restoring Love which should have and could have been the most important of the three.   It actually took place before Obama’s re-election (Glenn thought Romney would win!) but I have finally caught up with it and here, in a quest for completeness, is Restoring Love.   I called his first talk a “watershed event,” the second was almost as good, and the third, not so much.  It took place last July in Dallas TX. I give you Glenn Beck, still a good man! Video from everywhere!

The latest from Glenn Beck saying the “America is down on the ground, gurgling.” What are we to do?” “Lady Liberty is in critical condition, but it doesn’t have to end that way.”