At the end of this post I am going to unashamedly retell a story that Dr. Laura Schlessinger told on her radio program today.  I started listening to Dr. Laura (Ph.D., not M.D.) when her son, Deryk was 10.   That son has since joined the Army, been to the HALO school (which apparently means they teach you to jump out of airplanes), been to Iraq and back, which makes him about 22 and makes me a seasoned listener.  I liked Dr. Laura from the beginning but for others she seems to be an acquired taste.  Others just hate her from the beginning and do not hesitate to go online and post their vitriol.

That being said, the lady has written 12 best-selling books (plus 4 children’s books) and has actually dedicated her life to (1) raising her boy and (2) helping people with their life problems.  She is against anything that will harm children and finds many such things in today’s society.  In my opinion, she has an amazing ear for the nuances and intonations in what callers say, and has what I think is a truly God-given gift for cutting to the chase and divining the cause behind the problem being presented.   Now 62, she is somewhat short on patience, will not tolerate argument, will tell you to be quiet and listen, is often brusque, but sometimes astonishingly gentle and caring and really, really insightful.  I wait for those shining moments!  I will not try to summarize her opinions (which I agree with 90% of the time) but only say that after twelve years I have not tired of Dr. Laura’s program.  Try it; you might like it.   (Her website is here.)

I’ve read three or four of her books and have given others as gifts.  Of those I’ve read, I especially recommend The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands for any woman married to a man.  Or for a new bride.  Or a couple on the verge of divorce.

Laura’s story:   The girls at a school were just getting to the lipstick stage and would put it on when they went to the bathroom.   But, being rather childish, they would think it fun to  press their freshly lipsticked lips to the bathroom mirror before going back to class, leaving an assortment of red lip marks on the mirror surface.   Daily the janitor would have to clean the mirrors but he eventually had enough and decided something needed to be done.   The teacher and janitor consulted and gathered the girls in the bathroom to explain to them how much trouble they were causing.   By way of demonstration, the janitor dipped his squeegee in the toilet bowl and proceeded to scrub off the lipstick marks.

It worked.  No more mirror-kissing. As Laura said, “There is a difference between teachers and educators.”

(Forgive me, Laura, for the liberties I took with your story. From the day I started this blog I knew I would one day add my voice to those who call you and say, “Thank you, Dr. Laura, for what you do.” Your little lipstick story gave me the impetus to finally sit down and do it. There is a reason your radio program is the most popular after Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity! You keep trying to get people to parent their kids and “Go do the right thing.” How bad can that be? I consider you a major blessing to the world!)


What’s the difference between a pit bull and a soccer mom? Lipstick! – Sarah Palin