William Brennan, Ph. D., in his book, The Abortion Holocaust, very effectively presents compelling similarities between the Nazi holocaust and the present day slaughter of over 40 million unborn babies worldwide each year. The first thing, he says, is to redefine people as less than human, as “subhuman expendables,” and therefore devoid of value or respect. The German Supreme Court in 1936 refused to recognize Jews living in Germany as “persons” in the legal sense. In 1973 the United States Supreme Court declared that the word “person” in the Fourteenth amendment did not include the unborn.

Likewise, the defendants at the Nurenberg War Crimes trials invoked the law to deny personal responsibility. Killing Jews was legal. Abortionists use the same rationalization. “I only do what is legal,” they say.
“What is legal is moral” has been a pervasive slogan used to justify atrocities down through history. Read the rest of this entry »