Recently, as we were praying in front the the local abortion mill, a man with a carful of kids blew us a kiss.  That was a first for us — and heartening.  Sometimes people signal a V for victory.  Often those driving by will honk for dear life (pun intended) which serves the dual purpose of encouraging those praying outside and letting those inside the building know that there are many more pro-life people than are visible in front of the abortuary.

Some folks give us a “thumbs up.”  Other give us a “thumbs down” and they are entitled to their opinion.  A few, often nicely coifed “ladies,”  express their opinion with one finger up in the air.  We have been wondering whether they are trying to tell us their age or their IQ.

People have brought us hot coffee when the weather was frigid.  One man actually stopped his truck when he saw us waking back and forth, took out a shovel and cleared the snow from beneath our feet.  Another muttered, “Gentile scum,” as he walked by.

Last week a man in a passing car shouted something about the right to free choice.  My friend, Mike, responded with a single sentence which just about sums up our reason for being there.  “No way,” he said.  “Not when your choice kills my brother.”

The mentality that allows us to kill the perfect child in the womb also will allow us to kill the defective newborn, the disabled, and grandma in the nursing home.  It puts the weak at the mercy of the powerful and says human beings have no rights that belong to them simply because they are human.  That’s the Nazi way — and it’s coming.  Do we really want a world in which we are our brother’s killer instead of his keeper?


Whatever you do for the least of these my brothers, you do it to me.  — Matthew 25:40.