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January 29th, 2009


I have just added Inside Catholic to my blogroll.  Their post today, titled 8  Responses to the Pro-Choice Mindset,  is a must.

September 20th, 2008


It’s not hard to figure out why the percentages of men and women in favor of abortion are about equal, even though men can’t get pregnant. Oddly enough, men imagine that the availability of abortion will free them from having to take responsibility for the consequences of their sexual activity. They are in favor of both contraception and abortion because they give them carte blanche to fool around, pay the piper, and fool around some more. When the girlfriend becomes pregnant and they come across with the abortion money they are off the hook. They think if they can forget the fact that a baby was present, the woman should be able to likewise forget it. Then they both can go forward happily, unencumbered.

But there is another scenario. Contraception fails, as so often happens, and the woman gets pregnant. She figures a baby would interfere with her schooling, her career, her emotional or financial well-being, so she will abort the child. In this scenario, however, the man is actually glad to learn that he has sired a child. He has a sense of accomplishment and even attachment to the wee one. But in spite of the fact that he is the father and would happily step up to the plate, he has no say in the matter. Even if he is married to the woman, he does not have a legal leg to stand on. She can kill his child while he stands by helplessly. Read the rest of this entry »