Joe Scheidler 82.jpgI have been privileged to meet  few noble men in my time but Joseph Scheidler is right up there among them.  Catholic, pro-life activist, Director of the Pro-Life Action League, author, with a quiverful of kids, Joe Scheidler has time and time again risked life, limb, and livelihood trying to shut down the killing mills and save the babies.

On the occasion of his birthday on September 7, Joe penned a poem which I am happy to share with you.

I’m eighty-two! By George, it’s true.  But there wasn’t much that I could do…
I simply missed those lethal things that fit you out with “angel’s wings.”

I tried to have my eye knocked out – with a birthday gift iron-putter.
But Dr. Jimmy put it back. It looks just like the other.

A Roman Candle blew apart one Independence Day,
And left me with an ugly scar. It never went away.

I had a cancer, caught in time – the whole thing was a breeze.
What really made me mad as hell was losing both my knees!

I’ve eaten junk food by the ton, and should have died at twenty.
But I find junk food lots of fun, and felt I needed plenty.

My eyes are clear, my ears can hear – I’m steady on my feet.
I like to read, and walk and talk, but most of all to eat.

So mark my age, and call me old, since that’s what people do.
But one thing I know you don’t know: I’ll live to eighty-two.

God bless you, Joe,  and thank you for your years of leadership and unselfish service.

An Admirer.


It is therefore a service of love which we are all committed to ensure to our neighbor, that his or her life may be always defended and promoted, especially when it is weak or threatened. — John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae