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June 1st, 2009


In the summer of 1991 I was in Wichita with Randy Terry praying at the abortuary of George Tiller, praying that he would stop what he was famous for, the killing of late term babies.

At this point he has met his maker. The many people who have prayed at Wichita over the years will never know what difference their prayers may have made. We only know we did not wish him ill, only good, only that he would stop killing God’s babies and turn to his merciful God for forgiveness.





Avenge not yourselves, for vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord. — Romans 12:19

May 15th, 2009


So sad.  So sad.  I’ve been watching  live streaming video of the protest at Notre Dame – Catholics protesting the most prestigious “Catholic” University in the world honoring the most pro-abortion president the United States has ever known.  Watching a black woman crying “Shame!  Shame!”  “Something wicked came our way last fall…..this is not the America I was born in 59 years ago.”  “This is terrible,” and she turns away in tears.

She has seen Father Norman Weslin, 78, of the Lambs of Christ, painfully handcuffed and carried away.

Banners of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the unborn,  were prominent,  with the caption “Defend her Honor.”  She is, after all, Notre Dame.

Blue-shirted Notre Dame Security Police stand  by watching the recitation of the rosary.  Alan Keyes, former presidential candidate, speaks and prays that their witness will go throughout the world as a light in the darkness.  He explains that it was a “movement of the heart” that prompts him to be present, to be arrested.

Stan Solomon asks that people phone Bishop D’Arcy’s secretary in Fort Wayne, 260 422 4622 x 3321 to use his authority to stop arresting Catholics for being Catholics and stop inviting anti-Catholics to affect and infect the minds of young people.  He asks that you call the number nicely, respectfully, in a way that would not embarrass your mom.

Joe Scheidler, of Chicago, reports that he is bringing four buses full of people and asks us to pray for the conversion of Father Jenkins, president of Notre Dame, and President Obama.

Randall Terry’s statement on the site reads:

Our hearts soared when Bishop D’Arcy announced his boycott of Notre Dame’s graduation because President Obama will speak.

Our hearts sank when he urged Catholics to “to stay away from unseemly and unhelpful demonstrations against our nation’s President or Notre Dame or Father John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.”

I wish the Bishop had followed biblical teaching, and contacted me before making his public statement against our efforts. Since he has spoken publicly, I have a duty to respond in the same venue.

It is ironic that Bishop D’Arcy chose Good Friday to issue a statement urging Catholics to remain silent in the face of this treachery. Sadly, it appears that he is following in the most regretful steps of St. Peter.

……There are times it offends God if we only pray. If you could feed a starving man, yet don’t, and tell him: “I’ll pray for you!” you have sinned. If you can save someone’s life, yet you pass by like the Priest and Levite did in the parable of the good Samaritan, you have sinned. If you know the right thing, and don’t do it, you commit the sin of omission.

We must pray – yes – and then act courageously. We must seek justice, rebuke the ruthless, defend the fatherless, and cry out for righteousness.

This I know for certain: Bishop D’Arcy has stepped far beyond his canonical authority by urging the faithful to abandon the babies  – and thereby abandon Christ – and to honor President Obama and President Jenkins with our silent cooperation. We do not deny Bishop D’Arcy’s right to question certain tactics, but he has gone far beyond that. He has asked us to commit the sins of omission and silence. Respectfully, we will not.

Tune in Sunday for live coverage at to see how this all plays out.

It is sad – so sad.  God help our nation and our church.


So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth. — Revelations 3:16

May 12th, 2008


What would prompt a seemingly sensible 65-year-old woman to abandon her job, spend a night sleeping on a New York store-front floor and then take a bus to Atlanta, only to be arrested for sitting on the ground in front of an abortion mill? When the Opinion editor of the News-Times in my home town asked me to explain why I did the things I did that day, and subsequently, in their Community Forum, I was happy to oblige.


News-Times, Danbury CT

July 28, 1991

On September 28, 1990, in Dobbs Ferry, NY, I had the privilege of being handcuffed to a chain link fence behind an abortion clinic next to a Maryknoll priest whom I knew only as Father Andrew.

The occasion was Father Andrew’s first rescue and 38 of us had been arrested for sitting in front of the door of the Women’s Medical Pavilion, refusing to move. Father Andrew told me at the time that he had prayed about it and felt he was obeying God in trying to prevent, at least for a day, the killing of unborn children at that facility. I remember putting my free hand over his in appreciation of his caring enough to be there, Roman collar and all, lending a certain quiet respectability to our efforts. Read the rest of this entry »