I once read that people who are willing to kill will not hesitate to lie. So many lies issue from the pro-abortion camp that I would think they would hang their heads in shame! They will say almost anything rather than admit the truth– that the unborn baby is a living human being and they want the right to kill it.

For starters, take Justice Harry Blackmun’s statement in the Roe vs. Wade decision that we cannot determine when human life begins. No one was asking when the first living cell appeared on Planet Earth! The question at hand was when does an individual human life begin, and if Blackmun had asked an embryologist he would have known. Basic biology teaches us that the union of sperm and egg provides a full complement of chromoscomes and produces a new living, growing human being. Blackmun’s statement was either a bald-faced lie or the most egregious ignorance.

They embarrass themselves with their own evasions. Tim Russert once asked Al Gore, on Meet the Press, “Do you believe life begins at conception?” Gore was flustered, but finally came up with “I believe life begins when Roe vs. Wade said it did.”

To heck with the truth! Hew to the party line!

If at all interested in the truth about abortion, I beg my readers to go click here and watch the video, The Silent Scream.

It is not surprising that the “pro-choice” folks do not like to admit that abortion kills a child. That sounds so cruel. Everyone loves a baby! So innocent, so helpless, so calling for caring. Almost as cute as a baby seal! Almost as precious as a turtle egg!

We need to fudge the facts, harden our hearts, and cloud our reason — otherwise, how could we do that to our sons and daughters?